RCAS and trees
In the Redland and Cotham area, we are very lucky to have many beautiful trees,
both in public spaces and private gardens.

However, this leafy character may be under threat under the combined ravages of insurers, services requirements, off road parking, disease, developers and risk assessments. RCAS surveys predict a 20% tree loss over the next 20 to 30 years unless trends can be reduced and new trees planted.

Some of the key aims of RCAS regarding our local trees...

  • assist Bristol City Council in identifying landmark trees
  • promote the general benefits of trees
  • encourage the retention of trees - where they bring visual benefit
  • encourage planting of the right trees in the right place
  • work as a member of the Tree Forum, which influences the Bristol City Council's Tree Policy

RCAS and Trees

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The importance of urban trees...

Trees bring many benefits to humans in the urban environment and some problems if they are not managed. 

Climate change is one very much in the news, with growing evidence of over heating and flooding. Many local authorities all over Western Europe and the USA have woken up to this and are implementing progressive tree policies. Bristol City Council is alert to this and it seems that Bristol might be leading the UK in some policies.

As RCAS is represented on the Tree Forum, it  has the opportunity to influence some of the Bristol's City Council's Tree Policy.

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Trees and the Conservation Area Character Appraisal...

Bristol City Council are currently carrying out Character Appraisals of 33 Conservation Areas across the City.
RCAS  helped with the Cotham, Redland and Gloucester Rd conservation area. As part of this exercise, important trees were identified in order to give them additional support.

We identified

  • A landmark tree - usually because of its location 
  • A tree of very high visual amenity - beauty or size
  • A tree with community value - paid for by RCAS or yourself
  • A group of trees or avenue
  • A tree or groups of trees that are an important wildlife habitat

The Front Garden Tree Project...

RCAS in conjunction with the Neighbourhood Partnership (NP) are encouraging by subsidising residents who wished to plant a front garden tree.

This was open to residents in the Bishopston, Redland and Cotham areas until December 2011.

On receipt of an Application form, arrangements were made for a Forest of Avon expert to visit and view the potential planting site. If suitable the appropriate tree would be offered for £5. This would then be available from agreed collection points in January. 

Several householders took up the offer and thanks to this grant have enjoyed planting a suitable front garden trees. 

How RCAS have contributed...

Redland residents and RCAS contributed to the cost of planting a London Plane
on the Redland Hill Roundabout (council land).

 Before  The tree pit  New tree in 2009

Most Recent RCAS Tree Reports...

For more information...

For more information or to contribute towards tree planting,
please contact Clive.
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