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Our History

The origins of the Redland & Cotham Amenities Society

In March 1973, when it was seen that the roofs of two splendid houses less than eight years old were being removed at 153 and 155 Redland Road. Enquiries were made which showed that a planning application for a block of offices and penthouse flats had been submitted. The planning register showed also an application for a block of flats at 52/54 Coldharbour Road.

Three friends, realising that they had no means of being forewarned of such applications, invited the residents of St.Oswald’s and Canowie Roads to a meeting to discuss the implications for the Redland Green area of the pressure of property development. The idea was put forward in the invitation that there might emerge a ‘Redland Green Preservation Society’ whose function would be primarily one of informing its members of planning applications in their areas.

There was an enthusiastic attendance at this meeting on 13th March 1973, at which an ad hoc committee was elected to arrange and publicise an Inaugural Meeting of a ‘Redland Green and District Amenities Society’ which was held in St Alban’s Church Hall on 17th April 1973.

Over 3,000 invitations were distributed, and about 150 people attended the meeting. Dr B A Cottle gave an illustrated talk on ‘The History and Character of Redland’ and many volunteers came forward to offer their help in various capacities to launch the activities of the Society.

At the meeting some people from Cotham, who had been contemplating a similar activity, expressed a wish to participate, and it was agreed that a constitution should be drawn up for a Society to be registered as a charity with the title of the ‘Redland and Cotham Amenities Society’. So the Society was born, with a constitution modelled upon that of its older and highly successful neighbour, the Clifton and Hotwells Improvement Society.

The first Annual General Meeting of the Society took place at the Friends Meeting House in Hampton Road, on Monday, 1st October 1973, just six months after the meeting of the three friends who proposed the plan.

At the time of this meeting the basic structure of the Society had evolved, groups of volunteers had been organised to read the planning register every week, sift the applications and notify members of proposed developments.

A committee was elected to maintain the organisation and finances of the Society, and it held its first meeting on Tuesday 9th October 1973, electing its own chairman in the manner prescribed by the constitution. The committee formed sub-committees which co-opted further members as their work required, and as volunteers presented themselves, charged with the following tasks:

  • Planning
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Roads and Traffic
  • Membership and Finance