October 2012

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Meeting summary

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The RCAS Committee will next meet in early December. The following report notes the major items discussed at the October Meeting.


   Former Maskreys site

The proposed development of the former Maskreys site on Whiteladies Road:
RCAS objected to a proposal which, it argued, was an over-intensive development of this site. This proposal – to demolish the rear extension, erect a new 4 storey building, convert the upper floors of the former store to flats for overseas foreign language students, create a management suite (Use Class B1) and to retain the ground floor and part of the basement for a (Class A1) retail unit – has been withdrawn. Revised plans are likely to be forthcoming.

  Territorial Army site

The proposed redevelopment of the Territorial Army site on Whiteladies Road:
RCAS is supporting other local amenity societies in pressing for a suitable community use for this site.

  Western College:

RCAS has objected on design grounds to a proposed new building (to serve as a pharmacy) to the rear of this listed building. RCAS also objected to the loss of parking space, as have many residents/patients.

   Dorma Night Club:

(Formerly Platform 1) RCAS has objected to a proposed smoking shelter on a flat roof on the grounds that late night noise would inevitably travel to nearby flats etc.

   18 Stanley Rd:

RCAS has objected to an application for change of use from six-person HMO (classed as small HMO) to seven-person
– sui generis class – on the grounds of the disproportionate number of HMOs in this area.

Local residents are also objecting strongly to this application and to building works which have been carried out without consent.

  Article 4 Direction :

The Bristol City Council Article 4 Direction bringing the development of parking spaces in front gardens in the Redland and Cotham Conservation Area within planning controls is due to come into force on 4 November.


   Café Gusto, Whiteladies Centre.

An application for extended opening hours and the provision of a takeaways service until 5am was rejected following strong objections by local residents and Councillors.

   River Cottage

proposed new premises Whiteladies Rd. RCAS has objected to the details of the licence application which would potentially allow use simply as a bar, and also to late hours (to midnight for alcohol and food), which potential inclusion of off sales. RCAS and local residents are seeking hours that conform with local area

   Bargain Booze, Zetland Road:

The application for a license to permit a 24-hour telephone delivery service for alcohol which was rejected in the summer is to be reheard on 8 November. RCAS objected to the original application on the grounds that the proposed changes to the current licence would generate considerable additional noise and disturbance.


   Cotham Gardens:

RCAS is very grateful to Liz Kew and a group of volunteers who have removed graffiti from and re-painted some play equipment. BCC has approved the installation of the proposed Oak bench, on condition that RCAS is responsible for the costs of its installation as well as its manufacture. BCC has also agreed to replace the dog waste bins(using Neighbourhood Partnership funding). Maintenance arrangements for 15 years are already in place.

   Redland Green:

RGCG is developing a programme for consulting with the community about the use of the substantial equipment grant allocation from BCC. The Neighbourhood Development Officer is to visit local school to seek the views of pupils.

   Cotham Hill

RCAS Committee member Gillian Penrose has been conducting a feasibility study into developing a floral enhancement scheme for the Cotham Hill shopping area, extending from Films @59 and the ex- Clifton Motors to the junction with Whiteladies Road, and possibly including the 3 premises fronting the newly enlarged pavement opposite the Clifton Down Centre. RCAS has agreed to provide start-up funding for the scheme to install and maintain hanging baskets on lamp-posts and some tubs, and it is hoped that local traders and residents will also wish to sponsor the provision of planted baskets and tubs. The project will require careful planning and hard work, but it should make the Cotham Hill shopping area more attractive and welcoming.

   Whiteladies Road / Cotham Hill Business Development Project

RCAS Committee member Simon Birch is a member of the Steering Group which has been established to seek to improve business success in this area, including retail and other activity. A part-time project worker is being employed under the supervision of Sustainable Redland.

   Neighbourhood Partnership

The main agenda items at the most recent meeting included a review of community safety and security and looked in detail at the Speedwatch programme, and it was agreed that a volunteer is needed to coordinate the volunteers. The consultation on the introduction of 20mph limit is being extended to include all the December Neighbourhood Forums and the January 2013 Neighbourhood Partnership meeting and an email shot.