June 2014

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Informing members about the current work of the RCAS Committee and alerts them to current and upcoming matters.

If you have any issues you wish to raise with RCAS, please email: info@rcas.org.uk
your email will be passed to the relevant Committee member.

   Planning Matters

77 Hampton Park

RCAS objected to removal of hedge to form off street parking. Parking removed from application and application approved without off street parking element.

2 Elm Lane

proposed extension. RCAS will not object, though there is concern about loss of masonry feature- blue stone copings.

Colston’s Primary

Elmgrove Rd – APPROVED

Dolphin School

Cheltenham Rd – APPROVED, the objections of local residents and RCAS concerning traffic in Arley Hill were ignored.

15 Ashgrove Rd

application for a new house. This is the 4th application for this site facing Westfield Park. RCAS will object on grounds of overdevelopment, impact on street scene.

14 Glentworth Road

there is a retrospective application relating to the replacement of the front garden gravel by paving, with loss of 1.28 m of stone wall. RCAS will object

Rear of 71 Springfield Road:

2 storey building pending.

90 Redland Road:

single storey building in back garden on boundary with Grove Park houses. Concern about impact on trees. Difficult to know what grounds to object under, AB to action.

7 Ashgrove Road

application to widen entrances on front and side entrance to Chertsey Road. Pending

Redland Police Station:

School sign. RCAS asked for reduction in size but welcomed removal of one sign altogether. Pending

Pre-application discussion:

RCAS has seen the drawings for a proposed planning application to build two small houses on the site of the bakery on Lower Redland Road. The planned houses are in a distinctive modern style, with a corrugated metal finish on one elevation which may prove contentious. They also lack external amenity space. Formal RCAS response pending.


Cotham School

failure to plant trees required in compensation for those lost in Hartfield Avenue.

58 Ravenswood Road.

No application has been made for new lean-to extension on back but with side elevation 2m from Ravenswood road boundary and clearly visible.


Blackboy Hill Filling Station

application for licence to sell alcohol for very extended hours. RCAS OBJECTED

24 Chandos Road

The licensing situation of the weekend bar at the former picture framers which has been operating on a series of Temporary Event Notices is currently being investigated.


Eleven trees (replacement street trees, mainly in Bishopston) were planted in March/April, One paid for by HSBC (negotiated by Cllr. Anthony Negus), one paid for by the Council and nine fully funded by the BCR NP scheme.

RCAS residents paid for a new tree in a new pit on the junction of Redland Road/Redland Grove.

The “Pay 1/3 get one tree” BCR NP scheme (agreed in Jan 2014) is being publicised in our area. Redland/Cotham have raised £770 of private money (cheques received) for 7 tree replacements already, RCAS have also agreed to support a further replanting of up to 11 trees.

The Tree Sub-Group of the NP will continue with the private fundraising and identification of stumps, verges and covered over pits where trees can be planted this winter.

Cotham Hill Floral Enhancement Scheme

RCAS has provided financial support for a second year and it is hoped that the display will be as good as last year. There will be 7 hanging baskets on traders’ premises, and 4 floral planters. One large planter and two smaller ones will enhance the pavement build-out in Whiteladies Road and one small planter will be located at the corner of Hampton Park, (all sponsored). Donations from residents and traders have supported the placing of floral hanging baskets on 12 lamp posts

Student Matters

Several RCAS committee members attended the community meeting with the Vice-Chancellors of both universities (organised by Anthony Negus). It is clear that many residents continue to experience unacceptable levels of noise disturbance from students holding parties or ‘pre-loading’ drinking sessions in their houses and from loud behaviour when they return from clubs or parties in the early hours. It would appear that this behaviour is widespread and regular, rather than an occasional aberration by a minority. Overflowing rubbish bins and failure to put them out and take them in at the appropriate time also continues to be a significant problem.

The VC’s were sympathetic and in listening mode, but it is not entirely clear that they fully appreciate the extent of the problem. Nevertheless, in recent years both universities have put more resource into preventing anti-social behaviour and dealing with complaints when it occurs. Both universities are seeking to use their internal disciplinary procedures to deal with serious or persistent nuisances.

RCAS reaffirmed its support for residents who were affected by inconsiderate behaviour from the student residents in the area and will continue to encourage them to make complaints to the relevant authorities. All residents should be made aware of the www.bristolstudentcommunitypartnership.co.uk website. Later in the year there will be a further community meeting with landlords of student properties.