July 2013

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Informing members about the current work of the RCAS Committee and alerts them to current and upcoming matters.

If you have any issues you wish to raise with RCAS, please email: info@rcas.org.uk
your email will be passed to the relevant Committee member.

   Planning Matters

91/93 Whiteladies Road (Hampton Lane)

RCAS has objected (on several grounds) to another attempt to obtain permission for an eleven-person, three-storey student block on a site currently occupied by a garage/workshop.

Queen Victoria House, Redland Hill

Members of the RCAS Planning Group have met with the architects involved in a scheme to convert what is currently office space into residential accommodation and to develop some of the surrounding land for housing. They report that it appears to be a good plan at this pre-application stage.

Former St John’s School, Black Boy Hill

An application has now been submitted for conversion of this building into residential units.

Cotham Hill Floral Enhancement Scheme

The Cotham Hill Floral Enhancement Scheme has been a great success. The planting was undertaken by the council’s Blaise Nursery, which will maintain and water them, and the flowers will last until late October.

In addition to individual donations, there have been generous contributions from four local Residents’ Groups: Hampton Park & Cotham Hill Community Group, Westfield park Residents’ Association, Clifton Down Community Association and Oakfield Residents’ Association.


RCAS is concerned that the introduction of the 20mph scheme may result in the imposition of a multitude of new signs, and will seek to work with other Bristol amenity groups in an effort to minimise the visual impact and ‘littering’ effect of the signage.

  Neighbourhood Partnership:

Clive Stevens has now stepped down as Chair and Nick Clark (of the Redland, Cotham and Westbury Park Directory) was elected. Cllr Neil Harrison is Vice Chair.

There are two new positions: A Trader’s Representative (Simon Baines Of Oxfam) and a Neighbourhood Watch Representative (Liz Kew).

There has been intense activity around the issue of residents’ parking schemes. At the time of writing, we still await an outcome to the discussions which the councillors have been having with the transport officers in response to the resident comments about the boundary of the Redland Area.

As far as we are aware, the Cotham North scheme is to be introduced in March 2014. Feedback is being received from Cotham South zone. Initial feedback appears to be very positive from residents, less clear cut from traders and negative from schools, nurseries and some businesses.

  Parks and Gardens:

The Parks Dept. have agreed that the community will be able to see design options for the play area before progressing further.

  RCAS Archive:

Agendas and Minutes from 1978 have been deposited at the Bristol Records Office, together with details of Gold Star Awards from 1988.

  RCAS Committee meeting dates

RCAS Committee meeting dates for the rest of 2013 
18 April
30 May
9 July
12 September
24 October
3 December

: 7.30 on Thursday 7 November 2013 at Colston’s Primary School

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