January 2014

posted Jan 24, 2014, 5:51 AM by juliet johns   [ updated Apr 23, 2014, 5:43 AM ]

Informing members about the current work of the RCAS Committee and alerts them to current and upcoming matters.

If you have any issues you wish to raise with RCAS, please email: info@rcas.org.uk
your email will be passed to the relevant Committee member.

   Planning Matters

91/93 Whiteladies Rd/Hampton Lane:

the attempt to obtain consent for a 3 storey block of student rooms continues. RCAS has objected on grounds of the loss of employment space in this handy lane, overdevelopment of the site and yet more student rooms in area.

15 Ashgrove Road:

The latest of a series of applications at this site – this time to erect a house. RCAS objection lodged.

Colstons Primary School:

Colstons Primary School extension on the vacant site at the bottom of Elmgrove Road: Updated plans have now been submitted for planning approval. RCAS will continue to look at detail, but generally design is acceptable. Proposals to deal with traffic and pedestrian implications particularly at the mini roundabout at the junction of Zetland / Redland Roads have not yet been finalised. Considerable tree works are involved but proposals appear to be broadly acceptable.

Elliston Road:

Proposed erection of a detached house on site of garages. Consent was previously granted for a two bedroom house on this very small site. RCAS does not object in principle to the unconventional design of the revised proposal, but is concerned about some details including materials.

Kersteman Road:

proposal to add a floor to the former electricity sub-station and create a two-bedroom house. To be considered.

Tesco, Whiteladies/Lower Redland Road:

Application to convert upper floors to student accommodation. RCAS is considering this application and has some concerns about proposed arrangements for storing of bicycles and rubbish bins. RM.

11 Woodstock Avenue:

BCC Planning Officers have recommended approval of an application for temporary change of use as HMO until June 2014 when it reverts to normal house.


Hot Cha, Whiteladies Road.

Local residents have objected to an application for licence to sell alcohol.

   Student Matters

Both Universities now seem to be taking more seriously some of the issues raised by the high concentration of student housing in our area. Like UWE, UoB is to recruit ten Student Ambassadors, who live in private accommodation to liaise with local residents and students. A Community Newsletter is to be produced each term jointly by UoB and UWE and distributed through resident associations, Neighbourhood Partnerships and student ambassadors. There will also be an online version. There is a Proposal to introduce a Quality Mark for housing agents and landlords.

RCAS has raised at the Neighbourhood Forum the inadequacy of the BCC web pages on student matters and HMOs. The Neighbourhood Partnership has identified HMO noise and nuisance as a priority for officers across a wide range of services to address. Councillor Anthony Negus proposes to set up a meeting of interested parties on student / HMO matters and RCAS will seek to work with him on this issue.