January 2013 - Updates

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Informing members about the current work of the RCAS Committee and alerts them to current and upcoming matters.

If you have any issues you wish to raise with RCAS, please email: info@rcas.org.uk
your email will be passed to the relevant Committee member.

   Planning Matters

Applications for parking spaces in front gardens:

RCAS has objected to two recent applications (in Cotham Grove and Iddesleigh Road).

Demolition of garage block:

RCAS has joined neighbours in querying this recent event in Archfield Road (at the rear of the scout hut), which is now being investigated by BCC’s Enforcement team.

Hampton Lane:

We are currently considering a response to an application to rebuild a workshop building into a two-storey film editing studio.

Decisions on Planning Appeals:

At 13 Elliston Road the Planning Inspector agreed that two important sycamore trees should not be felled.
At 43 Trelawney Road, the owner sought retrospective consent for a parking space and wall removal to this small front garden. Inspector dismissed appeal, agreeing damaging visual impact on the area.

Pending Planning Appeal

re 18 Stanley Road: Owner has lodged an appeal against refusal of an application for one additional resident in HMO

Expansion of Colston’s Primary School:

 RCAS has been aware for some time that the vacant site at the corner of Elmgrove Rd and Redland Road was being considered for a major school development. It is proposed to build an ‘Early Learning annexe’ which would increase Colston’s Primary to a 3 Form entry school. In principle we consider this to be a good use. The site is largely hidden behind a good stone boundary wall and perimeter evergreen trees. The retention of trees, some of which have Tree Protection Orders, will be an important consideration. The traffic impact of a school in this part of Redland Road is also a serious concern. We hope to use the Pre Application stage to help achieve a well sited building that responds to the rather unusual character of this site.


ZUME Japanese Restaurant

(former Priory Café) Cotham Hill. RCAS did not object to restaurant or alcohol with meals, but opposed license for sale of alcohol without meals, and off sales. License granted, with these amendments.


RCAS has received more than usual complaints about inconsiderate behaviour from tenants of HMOs (mainly, but not exclusively students). The complaints relate to excessive noise and failure to deal with refuse and recycling bins properly. A very strong letter of warning from UoB’s Vice Chancellor has given to student residents in the Redland and Cotham area. Local Councillors convened a meeting with local residents to discuss problems in the Chandos 'Village' area.


The appeal for donations to support the planting of a new street tree at the junction of Redland Road and Redland Grove has been successful and a pit will be dug in the summer prior to planting in the winter.

   Transport, Street Services and Street Scene

Plans for the Cotham Hill Floral Enhancement Scheme are now well advanced and there is considerable support from local traders and residents.

  Neighbourhood Partnership

Next Meeting of NP is 25 March at Colston’s Primary School (7.30pm).

The NP will be showcasing its work in the week of 4 - 12 May (to include the Farmer’s Market and the Redland May Fair). The week will conclude with a ‘super-forum’ to be addressed by the Mayor.

Clive Stevens is standing down as NP Chair shortly and he will stand down as RCAS NP representative by November. It will be necessary to elect new NP representatives at the RCAS AGM in November

  May Fair

Preparations for this year’s event are now well advanced, thanks to the hard work of Julie Hart and her team. In view of last year’s cancellation due to the waterlogged state of the Green, the May Fair Committee is paying particular attention to contingency arrangements in case of bad weather.

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