December 2013

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Informing members about the current work of the RCAS Committee and alerts them to current and upcoming matters.

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   Planning Matters

14 Cotham Hill:

An application to open until 5am was refused – RCAS objected.

6 Stanley Rd:

An appeal against the Council’s refusal of an application for change of use from Dwelling House to HMO (to which RCAS objected) was rejected. The Planning Inspector’s letter provides good evidence for further objections to such applications in parts of our area.

Cotham School

Following an RCAS objection to the rather strident design of proposed new signage in Cotham Lawn Road, more modest signs have been approved.

91/93 Whiteladies Rd. ( Hampton Lane)

There have been two attempts to obtain consent for 3 storey student room block. RCAS continues to object on grounds of loss of employment space in this handy lane, overdevelopment of site and yet more student rooms in area.

Former Cameron Lee shop (bottom of Zetland Rd)

There is a proposed change of use from retail to food and drink, with student housing above. To be considered.

15 Ashgrove Rd.

Yet another application on this site, this time for a house. RCAS has objected.

Colston’s Primary School extension

 on the vacant site at the bottom of Elmgrove Rd. Early options on the plans were discussed with the community including parents, in March, and the chosen option is about to be discussed prior to a planning application. RCAS considers this a good use for the long disused site that sits behind the stone boundary wall to Elmgrove and Redland Roads, with tall conifers on the boundary. The site slopes steeply and the proposed building will be part one storey and part two. A low pitched roof is proposed, with much of the wall cladding in timber. Our initial view is that it promises to sit well on the site and be appropriate in character for this unusual site.

Fernbank Road

the underground house (Mulberry Mews). Construction appears to be in accordance with the planning consent so RCAS has no grounds for supporting objecting neighbours.


Las Iguanas

Las Iguanas has been allowed to use a 2m. depth of the pavement for drinking. The area in question is located in a very congested section of Whiteladies Rd, adjacent to a bus stop, and will leave a narrow space for passing pedestrians. Local residents and RCAS opposed this but the Committee granted consent.


Dorma, the latest incarnation of the old Platform 1 night club traded briefly in September and then abruptly ceased trading, resulting in less disturbed nights for nearby residents, particularly due to the absence of special nights for University sports clubs. However, the Licence has apparently been transferred to a different individual, so the period of respite may be over.

   Student and HMO Matters

Following a review of the HMO Registers on the websites of various councils where there is a significant presence of HMOs and students, RCAS has concluded that other councils provide much more information than the BCC HMO website and they present the information more effectively. For example, they typically provide names and addresses of the Licensee and letting agents and also details of the building and its facilities, ie number of rooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc.

It would be useful if BCC could provide this information on its HMO web page and also provide the date of expiry of HMO licence and the number of residents permitted by the licence.

Residents who are troubled by neighbouring HMOs might find it useful to consult the following Government web page concerning "private renting"


The RCAS tree representative is discussing with BCC the impact of next years’ tree cuts (which seem severe) and mobilising objections to failure to include a tree surround to the proposed Waitrose Car Park extension.

Tree Preservation Orders have been approved for a fine birch tree at 6 Redland Green Rd and The Grove, Hampton Rd (internal car park).