December 2012

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Meeting summary

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The RCAS Committee will next meet in mid January. The following report notes the major items discussed at the December Meeting.


Several planning application to which RCAS had objected have been refused, including:

  • major works to the frontage of 41a Ravenswood Road to create a basement garage
  • a smoking shelter on the roof of Dorma Nightclub, Clifton Down (Former Platform1)
  • the creation of a parking space in the front garden of 11 Cotham Grove.

RCAS has also lodged objections to 2 further applications to create front garden parking spaces (at 27 Trelawney Rd. and 4 Montrose Avenue) which are still awaiting a decision, to an application from Moreish (Chandos Road) to double the size of its outdoor seating (neighbours report a problem of noise at night from the current seating), and also to a proposed change of use of 18 Stanley Rd from a six-person ‘small HMO’ to a sui generis HMO on the grounds of the imbalance of HMOs in this area.


RCAS is objecting to an application from the business at 14 Cotham Hill (a former greengrocers, which obtained A3 and A5 Takeway planning permission on appeal) for a license to undertake deliveries of food until 5 am, on the grounds that this would generate additional noise and traffic at unsocial hours.

  Student Matters

RCAS has been advising residents of Hampton Park who report that they are suffering from more than the usual levels of late night anti-social behaviour by the student population which uses their street as a main route to return to their homes in the surrounding area, and also with residents of Manor Road who report noise problems from some student houses.


RCAS continues its efforts to help the development of the Friends of Cotham Gardens group. Meanwhile it has applied for two grants from the BCC Wellbeing Fund to paint railings and replace equipment in the sand pit area and will use its projects account to purchase and install new seating.

It was reported that the Community Development Worker is working with Parks officers to ensure that a broad section of the local community is consulted on the use of the grant for the new equipment in the children’s play area at Redland Green. We await information about whether this grant will cover the costs of an information board and if there is any scope for spending some of the money on improvements outside the current fenced-in area.

   Transport and Street Services

RCAS registered its disappointment that BCC had not engaged in more detailed discussions with local residents about the location of the signage for the Cotham Controlled Parking Scheme. We will write to BCC to try to ensure that the approach to signage for future extensions of the scheme into Redland would be less random.

Penny Dobson, Neighbourhood Partnership Street Champion for Cotham Hill and Hampton Park attended to discuss the growing problem caused by refuse bins and black bags being left out in the streets virtually every day of the week by itinerant residents who do not familiarise themselves with the refuse collection system, and by traders who are generating more waste than previously (particularly the growing numbers of eateries), and who employ a variety of different private refuse collectors who all call on different days.

   Cotham in Bloom

The scheme to improve the appearance of the Cotham Hill/ Whiteladies Gate shopping area with hanging baskets from early June to late October is developing apace. A Cotham in Bloom sub-committee has been established consisting of Gillian Penrose (for RCAS), Clare Adani (for traders) and Jill White (for residents). Already enthusiasm is beginning to gather momentum. Traders will be asked to sponsor hanging baskets and residents will be invited to make donations. RCAS will subsidise the scheme in its first year.

Redesignation of the Open Gardens Districts: In order to improve the workability of the Open Gardens day for both visitors and those who open their gardens, the committee agreed to divide the RCAS area into 4 districts:
(i) Redland North, (ii) Redland East, (iii) Redland West, (iv) Cotham.
An article on the changes will be included in the Spring Newsletter.

   Next Meeting

Next Meeting Tuesday 15 January 2013