April 2014

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Informing members about the current work of the RCAS Committee and alerts them to current and upcoming matters.

If you have any issues you wish to raise with RCAS, please email: info@rcas.org.uk
your email will be passed to the relevant Committee member.

   Planning Matters

Recent applications:

75 Hampton Road:

new application to create off street parking involving minimal change to width of opening and replacement of concrete block front with stone. RCAS supported but advised owner not to use gravel where bins were to be stored.

81 Hampton Road:

application to create off street parking for two cars (in fact there is space for only one). RCAS objected on grounds of loss of boundary hedge, impact on local area – property is at junction of roads so there will be greater impact- and loss of on street parking.


new application to increase number of single flats instead of cluster flats. RCAS objected on grounds of excessive numbers of students, lack of adaptability of this form of development and loss of the porter’s desk/ front entry lounge area which would have contributed to the lively street frontage.

1 Elliston Road:

 2nd floor extension onto flat roof over porch. RCAS response pending.

72 Sydenham Road.

Application for 1 flat and 1 maisonette. RCAS objected to over dense development. Refused.

33 Cranbrook Road:

application to create off street parking. RCAS objected.

Electricity Sub Station conversion to house.

Good new use for building. Revised application with change of materials at first floor level, render instead of timber. No objection.

2 Elm Lane:

application to build 2 storey extension on side / back elevation along Elm Lane. Using matching materials and fits in with ex small ‘lodge’. No objection.

The workshop, Hampton Lane:

application to add an extra storey for new dance studio. Will impact on listed buildings in Pittville Place. RCAS response pending.

Redland Junior High School:

application for an extension (in the form of a wood-clad modular building) on the Redland Road side of the playground, to allow an increased intake in collaboration with QEH.

Pre-application discussion:

Redland Bakery, Lower Redland Road:

RCAS has been informed that the owner is seeking local planning authority advice on the acceptability of change of use from commercial to residential (Chandos Road and Cotham Hill branches will continue).

Appeal decisions:

13 Southfield Road:

appeal against refusal to allow creation of off street parking allowed.

29 Aberdeen Road:

 appeal against refusal of retrospective application to replace timber windows with UPVC allowed BUT appeal against enforcement requiring removal of UPVC windows already installed was upheld on grounds of design quality.


24 Chandos Road:

Wine bar and restaurant opened using Temporary Events Licence and current permitted change of use to A3. Reported to Enforcement to ensure Licence is applied for and use is restaurant not just bar. Awaiting response from BCC. TEL only covers 10 evenings so full Licence is needed. No application yet recorded.

Cotham Hill in Bloom

Plans are well advanced for this year’s display.