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RCAS Committee Meetings

September / October 2014

posted Oct 27, 2014, 7:05 AM by Alison Bromilow   [ updated Oct 27, 2014, 7:28 AM ]

Informing members about the current work of the RCAS Committee and alerts them to current and upcoming matters.

If you have any issues you wish to raise with RCAS, please email: info@rcas.org.uk
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Meeting summary

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Redland Parish Church Halls 

on Redland Green Road: proposals for the demolition and large extension:  RCAS to support.

Penmaen Alexandra Park BS6 6QB: 

Proposed subdivision of existing HMO into 2 no. sui generis HMOs, construction of rear extension and associated works. Application No. 14/03663/F 

Local residents are objecting to the increase to the already dense student HMO provision in this area. The rear extension will tend to obscure the stepped form of the rear of the block.  stark white render ‘to contrast with the stone’: loss of garden contrary to DM 21 RCAS to object

Land Rear Of 79 Springfield Road Bristol BS6 5SW: 

Proposal Erection of 2 x semi-detached, townhouses on land at rear of 79 Springfield Road. Application No. 14/03732/F. Objected.

Redland Junior School 

classroom under construction.

39 Cotham Hill timber decking: 

being done without planning approval. Will object.

12 Cotham Hill 

rolling shutters: RCAS objected- retrospective application. REFUSED

155 Whiteladies Road 

advertisement flair 4 recruitment – retrospective application. REFUSED



15 Ashgrove Road 

house on garage site-  approved.

Lock Up Garages Kensington Road 

Redland Bristol Redevelopment of site of 4 garages by construction of a 3-bedroom, 2-storey house. Application No. 14/03152/F RM

Two Garages Rear Of 3 Clyde Park 

Clyde Lane Bristol Demolish two garages and re-build on same area with an upwards extension to form a one bedroom dwelling. Application No. 14/03187/F.

The Newman Oral Surgery Clinic 35A Lower Redland Road 

Bristol BS6 6TB Proposed extension, including new first floor, and conversion of office to a two storey maisonette. Application No. 14/03531/F RCAS objected

Salisbury House Kersteman Road 

Bristol BS6 7BX Construction of a single storey one bed dwelling with access and associated works. 14/03679/F RCAS objected. REFUSED



165 and 167 Redland Road, 54 Woodstock Road 

– demolition of front garden wall and off street parking. RCAS objected to all. 165 Redland Road REFUSED, 167 Redland Road WITHDRAWN

17 Limerick Road 

- withdrawn.

31 Woodstock Road 


31 Salisbury Road 

- refused

13 Alexandra Park Redland Bristol BS6 6QB 

Decking to the rear of property including removal of window and installing folding doors. Proposed porch to the side elevation of property. Dropped kerb and driveway to front of property. 14/03569/H RCAS to object.



58 Ravenswood Road -  BCC is preparing enforcement action against an extension which has been built without PP.



Application for 7am-midnight drinks licence for the bar/restaurant in the former picture framer’s premises in Chandos Road. Local residents and RCAS are objecting to the proposed hours, which are excessive for this residential area. There are also fears that the premises might operate simply as a bar.



For a second year RCAS provided a significant subsidy for the lamp post baskets on Cotham Hill and congratulations are due to RCAS Committee member Gillian Penrose (organiser) and all supporters of the RCAS Cotham Hill in Bloom scheme which won a GOLD MEDAL and JOINT SECOND PLACE (with Waterloo Street) in the “Shopping Area / Street” section of The Garden For Bristol Awards 2014.  Gillian attended the Award ceremony at the City Hall on the 3rd October and received a framed certificate from the Deputy Lord Mayor.  Gillian is also to be congratulated on submitting a successful application for a Well Being Grant from the Neighbourhood Partnership which will enable the scheme to continue in 2015.



Cotham Gardens: 

RCAS has received letters from local residents  about the litter and possible drug use/dealing in the bottom corner of the Gardens nearest the Bannatynes Health Club, and inside the park at the bench near the oak tree. These concerns have been discussed with the police with a view to getting some patrols inside the park. Suggestions to put a new litter bin in the bottom corner, improve lighting and/or remove the bench altogether are to be discussed with BCC Parks Officers. 

Redland Green: 

RCAS has provided funding for a quantity of bulbs and Redland Green Community Group will arrange a planting session. 

June 2014

posted Jun 18, 2014, 3:23 PM by juliet johns   [ updated Jun 18, 2014, 3:24 PM ]

Informing members about the current work of the RCAS Committee and alerts them to current and upcoming matters.

If you have any issues you wish to raise with RCAS, please email: info@rcas.org.uk
your email will be passed to the relevant Committee member.

   Planning Matters

77 Hampton Park

RCAS objected to removal of hedge to form off street parking. Parking removed from application and application approved without off street parking element.

2 Elm Lane

proposed extension. RCAS will not object, though there is concern about loss of masonry feature- blue stone copings.

Colston’s Primary

Elmgrove Rd – APPROVED

Dolphin School

Cheltenham Rd – APPROVED, the objections of local residents and RCAS concerning traffic in Arley Hill were ignored.

15 Ashgrove Rd

application for a new house. This is the 4th application for this site facing Westfield Park. RCAS will object on grounds of overdevelopment, impact on street scene.

14 Glentworth Road

there is a retrospective application relating to the replacement of the front garden gravel by paving, with loss of 1.28 m of stone wall. RCAS will object

Rear of 71 Springfield Road:

2 storey building pending.

90 Redland Road:

single storey building in back garden on boundary with Grove Park houses. Concern about impact on trees. Difficult to know what grounds to object under, AB to action.

7 Ashgrove Road

application to widen entrances on front and side entrance to Chertsey Road. Pending

Redland Police Station:

School sign. RCAS asked for reduction in size but welcomed removal of one sign altogether. Pending

Pre-application discussion:

RCAS has seen the drawings for a proposed planning application to build two small houses on the site of the bakery on Lower Redland Road. The planned houses are in a distinctive modern style, with a corrugated metal finish on one elevation which may prove contentious. They also lack external amenity space. Formal RCAS response pending.


Cotham School

failure to plant trees required in compensation for those lost in Hartfield Avenue.

58 Ravenswood Road.

No application has been made for new lean-to extension on back but with side elevation 2m from Ravenswood road boundary and clearly visible.


Blackboy Hill Filling Station

application for licence to sell alcohol for very extended hours. RCAS OBJECTED

24 Chandos Road

The licensing situation of the weekend bar at the former picture framers which has been operating on a series of Temporary Event Notices is currently being investigated.


Eleven trees (replacement street trees, mainly in Bishopston) were planted in March/April, One paid for by HSBC (negotiated by Cllr. Anthony Negus), one paid for by the Council and nine fully funded by the BCR NP scheme.

RCAS residents paid for a new tree in a new pit on the junction of Redland Road/Redland Grove.

The “Pay 1/3 get one tree” BCR NP scheme (agreed in Jan 2014) is being publicised in our area. Redland/Cotham have raised £770 of private money (cheques received) for 7 tree replacements already, RCAS have also agreed to support a further replanting of up to 11 trees.

The Tree Sub-Group of the NP will continue with the private fundraising and identification of stumps, verges and covered over pits where trees can be planted this winter.

Cotham Hill Floral Enhancement Scheme

RCAS has provided financial support for a second year and it is hoped that the display will be as good as last year. There will be 7 hanging baskets on traders’ premises, and 4 floral planters. One large planter and two smaller ones will enhance the pavement build-out in Whiteladies Road and one small planter will be located at the corner of Hampton Park, (all sponsored). Donations from residents and traders have supported the placing of floral hanging baskets on 12 lamp posts

Student Matters

Several RCAS committee members attended the community meeting with the Vice-Chancellors of both universities (organised by Anthony Negus). It is clear that many residents continue to experience unacceptable levels of noise disturbance from students holding parties or ‘pre-loading’ drinking sessions in their houses and from loud behaviour when they return from clubs or parties in the early hours. It would appear that this behaviour is widespread and regular, rather than an occasional aberration by a minority. Overflowing rubbish bins and failure to put them out and take them in at the appropriate time also continues to be a significant problem.

The VC’s were sympathetic and in listening mode, but it is not entirely clear that they fully appreciate the extent of the problem. Nevertheless, in recent years both universities have put more resource into preventing anti-social behaviour and dealing with complaints when it occurs. Both universities are seeking to use their internal disciplinary procedures to deal with serious or persistent nuisances.

RCAS reaffirmed its support for residents who were affected by inconsiderate behaviour from the student residents in the area and will continue to encourage them to make complaints to the relevant authorities. All residents should be made aware of the www.bristolstudentcommunitypartnership.co.uk website. Later in the year there will be a further community meeting with landlords of student properties.

April 2014

posted Apr 23, 2014, 5:50 AM by juliet johns   [ updated Apr 23, 2014, 5:51 AM ]

Informing members about the current work of the RCAS Committee and alerts them to current and upcoming matters.

If you have any issues you wish to raise with RCAS, please email: info@rcas.org.uk
your email will be passed to the relevant Committee member.

   Planning Matters

Recent applications:

75 Hampton Road:

new application to create off street parking involving minimal change to width of opening and replacement of concrete block front with stone. RCAS supported but advised owner not to use gravel where bins were to be stored.

81 Hampton Road:

application to create off street parking for two cars (in fact there is space for only one). RCAS objected on grounds of loss of boundary hedge, impact on local area – property is at junction of roads so there will be greater impact- and loss of on street parking.


new application to increase number of single flats instead of cluster flats. RCAS objected on grounds of excessive numbers of students, lack of adaptability of this form of development and loss of the porter’s desk/ front entry lounge area which would have contributed to the lively street frontage.

1 Elliston Road:

 2nd floor extension onto flat roof over porch. RCAS response pending.

72 Sydenham Road.

Application for 1 flat and 1 maisonette. RCAS objected to over dense development. Refused.

33 Cranbrook Road:

application to create off street parking. RCAS objected.

Electricity Sub Station conversion to house.

Good new use for building. Revised application with change of materials at first floor level, render instead of timber. No objection.

2 Elm Lane:

application to build 2 storey extension on side / back elevation along Elm Lane. Using matching materials and fits in with ex small ‘lodge’. No objection.

The workshop, Hampton Lane:

application to add an extra storey for new dance studio. Will impact on listed buildings in Pittville Place. RCAS response pending.

Redland Junior High School:

application for an extension (in the form of a wood-clad modular building) on the Redland Road side of the playground, to allow an increased intake in collaboration with QEH.

Pre-application discussion:

Redland Bakery, Lower Redland Road:

RCAS has been informed that the owner is seeking local planning authority advice on the acceptability of change of use from commercial to residential (Chandos Road and Cotham Hill branches will continue).

Appeal decisions:

13 Southfield Road:

appeal against refusal to allow creation of off street parking allowed.

29 Aberdeen Road:

 appeal against refusal of retrospective application to replace timber windows with UPVC allowed BUT appeal against enforcement requiring removal of UPVC windows already installed was upheld on grounds of design quality.


24 Chandos Road:

Wine bar and restaurant opened using Temporary Events Licence and current permitted change of use to A3. Reported to Enforcement to ensure Licence is applied for and use is restaurant not just bar. Awaiting response from BCC. TEL only covers 10 evenings so full Licence is needed. No application yet recorded.

Cotham Hill in Bloom

Plans are well advanced for this year’s display.

January 2014

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Informing members about the current work of the RCAS Committee and alerts them to current and upcoming matters.

If you have any issues you wish to raise with RCAS, please email: info@rcas.org.uk
your email will be passed to the relevant Committee member.

   Planning Matters

91/93 Whiteladies Rd/Hampton Lane:

the attempt to obtain consent for a 3 storey block of student rooms continues. RCAS has objected on grounds of the loss of employment space in this handy lane, overdevelopment of the site and yet more student rooms in area.

15 Ashgrove Road:

The latest of a series of applications at this site – this time to erect a house. RCAS objection lodged.

Colstons Primary School:

Colstons Primary School extension on the vacant site at the bottom of Elmgrove Road: Updated plans have now been submitted for planning approval. RCAS will continue to look at detail, but generally design is acceptable. Proposals to deal with traffic and pedestrian implications particularly at the mini roundabout at the junction of Zetland / Redland Roads have not yet been finalised. Considerable tree works are involved but proposals appear to be broadly acceptable.

Elliston Road:

Proposed erection of a detached house on site of garages. Consent was previously granted for a two bedroom house on this very small site. RCAS does not object in principle to the unconventional design of the revised proposal, but is concerned about some details including materials.

Kersteman Road:

proposal to add a floor to the former electricity sub-station and create a two-bedroom house. To be considered.

Tesco, Whiteladies/Lower Redland Road:

Application to convert upper floors to student accommodation. RCAS is considering this application and has some concerns about proposed arrangements for storing of bicycles and rubbish bins. RM.

11 Woodstock Avenue:

BCC Planning Officers have recommended approval of an application for temporary change of use as HMO until June 2014 when it reverts to normal house.


Hot Cha, Whiteladies Road.

Local residents have objected to an application for licence to sell alcohol.

   Student Matters

Both Universities now seem to be taking more seriously some of the issues raised by the high concentration of student housing in our area. Like UWE, UoB is to recruit ten Student Ambassadors, who live in private accommodation to liaise with local residents and students. A Community Newsletter is to be produced each term jointly by UoB and UWE and distributed through resident associations, Neighbourhood Partnerships and student ambassadors. There will also be an online version. There is a Proposal to introduce a Quality Mark for housing agents and landlords.

RCAS has raised at the Neighbourhood Forum the inadequacy of the BCC web pages on student matters and HMOs. The Neighbourhood Partnership has identified HMO noise and nuisance as a priority for officers across a wide range of services to address. Councillor Anthony Negus proposes to set up a meeting of interested parties on student / HMO matters and RCAS will seek to work with him on this issue.

December 2013

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Informing members about the current work of the RCAS Committee and alerts them to current and upcoming matters.

If you have any issues you wish to raise with RCAS, please email: info@rcas.org.uk
your email will be passed to the relevant Committee member.

   Planning Matters

14 Cotham Hill:

An application to open until 5am was refused – RCAS objected.

6 Stanley Rd:

An appeal against the Council’s refusal of an application for change of use from Dwelling House to HMO (to which RCAS objected) was rejected. The Planning Inspector’s letter provides good evidence for further objections to such applications in parts of our area.

Cotham School

Following an RCAS objection to the rather strident design of proposed new signage in Cotham Lawn Road, more modest signs have been approved.

91/93 Whiteladies Rd. ( Hampton Lane)

There have been two attempts to obtain consent for 3 storey student room block. RCAS continues to object on grounds of loss of employment space in this handy lane, overdevelopment of site and yet more student rooms in area.

Former Cameron Lee shop (bottom of Zetland Rd)

There is a proposed change of use from retail to food and drink, with student housing above. To be considered.

15 Ashgrove Rd.

Yet another application on this site, this time for a house. RCAS has objected.

Colston’s Primary School extension

 on the vacant site at the bottom of Elmgrove Rd. Early options on the plans were discussed with the community including parents, in March, and the chosen option is about to be discussed prior to a planning application. RCAS considers this a good use for the long disused site that sits behind the stone boundary wall to Elmgrove and Redland Roads, with tall conifers on the boundary. The site slopes steeply and the proposed building will be part one storey and part two. A low pitched roof is proposed, with much of the wall cladding in timber. Our initial view is that it promises to sit well on the site and be appropriate in character for this unusual site.

Fernbank Road

the underground house (Mulberry Mews). Construction appears to be in accordance with the planning consent so RCAS has no grounds for supporting objecting neighbours.


Las Iguanas

Las Iguanas has been allowed to use a 2m. depth of the pavement for drinking. The area in question is located in a very congested section of Whiteladies Rd, adjacent to a bus stop, and will leave a narrow space for passing pedestrians. Local residents and RCAS opposed this but the Committee granted consent.


Dorma, the latest incarnation of the old Platform 1 night club traded briefly in September and then abruptly ceased trading, resulting in less disturbed nights for nearby residents, particularly due to the absence of special nights for University sports clubs. However, the Licence has apparently been transferred to a different individual, so the period of respite may be over.

   Student and HMO Matters

Following a review of the HMO Registers on the websites of various councils where there is a significant presence of HMOs and students, RCAS has concluded that other councils provide much more information than the BCC HMO website and they present the information more effectively. For example, they typically provide names and addresses of the Licensee and letting agents and also details of the building and its facilities, ie number of rooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc.

It would be useful if BCC could provide this information on its HMO web page and also provide the date of expiry of HMO licence and the number of residents permitted by the licence.

Residents who are troubled by neighbouring HMOs might find it useful to consult the following Government web page concerning "private renting"



The RCAS tree representative is discussing with BCC the impact of next years’ tree cuts (which seem severe) and mobilising objections to failure to include a tree surround to the proposed Waitrose Car Park extension.

Tree Preservation Orders have been approved for a fine birch tree at 6 Redland Green Rd and The Grove, Hampton Rd (internal car park).

July 2013

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Informing members about the current work of the RCAS Committee and alerts them to current and upcoming matters.

If you have any issues you wish to raise with RCAS, please email: info@rcas.org.uk
your email will be passed to the relevant Committee member.

   Planning Matters

91/93 Whiteladies Road (Hampton Lane)

RCAS has objected (on several grounds) to another attempt to obtain permission for an eleven-person, three-storey student block on a site currently occupied by a garage/workshop.

Queen Victoria House, Redland Hill

Members of the RCAS Planning Group have met with the architects involved in a scheme to convert what is currently office space into residential accommodation and to develop some of the surrounding land for housing. They report that it appears to be a good plan at this pre-application stage.

Former St John’s School, Black Boy Hill

An application has now been submitted for conversion of this building into residential units.

Cotham Hill Floral Enhancement Scheme

The Cotham Hill Floral Enhancement Scheme has been a great success. The planting was undertaken by the council’s Blaise Nursery, which will maintain and water them, and the flowers will last until late October.

In addition to individual donations, there have been generous contributions from four local Residents’ Groups: Hampton Park & Cotham Hill Community Group, Westfield park Residents’ Association, Clifton Down Community Association and Oakfield Residents’ Association.


RCAS is concerned that the introduction of the 20mph scheme may result in the imposition of a multitude of new signs, and will seek to work with other Bristol amenity groups in an effort to minimise the visual impact and ‘littering’ effect of the signage.

  Neighbourhood Partnership:

Clive Stevens has now stepped down as Chair and Nick Clark (of the Redland, Cotham and Westbury Park Directory) was elected. Cllr Neil Harrison is Vice Chair.

There are two new positions: A Trader’s Representative (Simon Baines Of Oxfam) and a Neighbourhood Watch Representative (Liz Kew).

There has been intense activity around the issue of residents’ parking schemes. At the time of writing, we still await an outcome to the discussions which the councillors have been having with the transport officers in response to the resident comments about the boundary of the Redland Area.

As far as we are aware, the Cotham North scheme is to be introduced in March 2014. Feedback is being received from Cotham South zone. Initial feedback appears to be very positive from residents, less clear cut from traders and negative from schools, nurseries and some businesses.

  Parks and Gardens:

The Parks Dept. have agreed that the community will be able to see design options for the play area before progressing further.

  RCAS Archive:

Agendas and Minutes from 1978 have been deposited at the Bristol Records Office, together with details of Gold Star Awards from 1988.

  RCAS Committee meeting dates

RCAS Committee meeting dates for the rest of 2013 
18 April
30 May
9 July
12 September
24 October
3 December

: 7.30 on Thursday 7 November 2013 at Colston’s Primary School

  RCAS Newsletter

Copy deadlines for Newsletter
30  August
15 November

January 2013 - Updates

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Informing members about the current work of the RCAS Committee and alerts them to current and upcoming matters.

If you have any issues you wish to raise with RCAS, please email: info@rcas.org.uk
your email will be passed to the relevant Committee member.

   Planning Matters

Applications for parking spaces in front gardens:

RCAS has objected to two recent applications (in Cotham Grove and Iddesleigh Road).

Demolition of garage block:

RCAS has joined neighbours in querying this recent event in Archfield Road (at the rear of the scout hut), which is now being investigated by BCC’s Enforcement team.

Hampton Lane:

We are currently considering a response to an application to rebuild a workshop building into a two-storey film editing studio.

Decisions on Planning Appeals:

At 13 Elliston Road the Planning Inspector agreed that two important sycamore trees should not be felled.
At 43 Trelawney Road, the owner sought retrospective consent for a parking space and wall removal to this small front garden. Inspector dismissed appeal, agreeing damaging visual impact on the area.

Pending Planning Appeal

re 18 Stanley Road: Owner has lodged an appeal against refusal of an application for one additional resident in HMO

Expansion of Colston’s Primary School:

 RCAS has been aware for some time that the vacant site at the corner of Elmgrove Rd and Redland Road was being considered for a major school development. It is proposed to build an ‘Early Learning annexe’ which would increase Colston’s Primary to a 3 Form entry school. In principle we consider this to be a good use. The site is largely hidden behind a good stone boundary wall and perimeter evergreen trees. The retention of trees, some of which have Tree Protection Orders, will be an important consideration. The traffic impact of a school in this part of Redland Road is also a serious concern. We hope to use the Pre Application stage to help achieve a well sited building that responds to the rather unusual character of this site.


ZUME Japanese Restaurant

(former Priory Café) Cotham Hill. RCAS did not object to restaurant or alcohol with meals, but opposed license for sale of alcohol without meals, and off sales. License granted, with these amendments.


RCAS has received more than usual complaints about inconsiderate behaviour from tenants of HMOs (mainly, but not exclusively students). The complaints relate to excessive noise and failure to deal with refuse and recycling bins properly. A very strong letter of warning from UoB’s Vice Chancellor has given to student residents in the Redland and Cotham area. Local Councillors convened a meeting with local residents to discuss problems in the Chandos 'Village' area.


The appeal for donations to support the planting of a new street tree at the junction of Redland Road and Redland Grove has been successful and a pit will be dug in the summer prior to planting in the winter.

   Transport, Street Services and Street Scene

Plans for the Cotham Hill Floral Enhancement Scheme are now well advanced and there is considerable support from local traders and residents.

  Neighbourhood Partnership

Next Meeting of NP is 25 March at Colston’s Primary School (7.30pm).

The NP will be showcasing its work in the week of 4 - 12 May (to include the Farmer’s Market and the Redland May Fair). The week will conclude with a ‘super-forum’ to be addressed by the Mayor.

Clive Stevens is standing down as NP Chair shortly and he will stand down as RCAS NP representative by November. It will be necessary to elect new NP representatives at the RCAS AGM in November

  May Fair

Preparations for this year’s event are now well advanced, thanks to the hard work of Julie Hart and her team. In view of last year’s cancellation due to the waterlogged state of the Green, the May Fair Committee is paying particular attention to contingency arrangements in case of bad weather.

  RCAS Committee meeting dates

RCAS Committee meeting dates for the rest of 2013 
18 April
30 May
9 July
12 September
24 October
3 December

  RCAS Newsletter

Copy deadlines for Newsletter
3 May
30  August
15 November

December 2012

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Informing members about the current work of the RCAS Committee and alerts them to current and upcoming matters.

If you have any issues you wish to raise with RCAS, please email: info@rcas.org.uk
your email will be passed to the relevant Committee member.

Meeting summary

Click on headings on list of contents or scroll down the page

The RCAS Committee will next meet in mid January. The following report notes the major items discussed at the December Meeting.


Several planning application to which RCAS had objected have been refused, including:

  • major works to the frontage of 41a Ravenswood Road to create a basement garage
  • a smoking shelter on the roof of Dorma Nightclub, Clifton Down (Former Platform1)
  • the creation of a parking space in the front garden of 11 Cotham Grove.

RCAS has also lodged objections to 2 further applications to create front garden parking spaces (at 27 Trelawney Rd. and 4 Montrose Avenue) which are still awaiting a decision, to an application from Moreish (Chandos Road) to double the size of its outdoor seating (neighbours report a problem of noise at night from the current seating), and also to a proposed change of use of 18 Stanley Rd from a six-person ‘small HMO’ to a sui generis HMO on the grounds of the imbalance of HMOs in this area.


RCAS is objecting to an application from the business at 14 Cotham Hill (a former greengrocers, which obtained A3 and A5 Takeway planning permission on appeal) for a license to undertake deliveries of food until 5 am, on the grounds that this would generate additional noise and traffic at unsocial hours.

  Student Matters

RCAS has been advising residents of Hampton Park who report that they are suffering from more than the usual levels of late night anti-social behaviour by the student population which uses their street as a main route to return to their homes in the surrounding area, and also with residents of Manor Road who report noise problems from some student houses.


RCAS continues its efforts to help the development of the Friends of Cotham Gardens group. Meanwhile it has applied for two grants from the BCC Wellbeing Fund to paint railings and replace equipment in the sand pit area and will use its projects account to purchase and install new seating.

It was reported that the Community Development Worker is working with Parks officers to ensure that a broad section of the local community is consulted on the use of the grant for the new equipment in the children’s play area at Redland Green. We await information about whether this grant will cover the costs of an information board and if there is any scope for spending some of the money on improvements outside the current fenced-in area.

   Transport and Street Services

RCAS registered its disappointment that BCC had not engaged in more detailed discussions with local residents about the location of the signage for the Cotham Controlled Parking Scheme. We will write to BCC to try to ensure that the approach to signage for future extensions of the scheme into Redland would be less random.

Penny Dobson, Neighbourhood Partnership Street Champion for Cotham Hill and Hampton Park attended to discuss the growing problem caused by refuse bins and black bags being left out in the streets virtually every day of the week by itinerant residents who do not familiarise themselves with the refuse collection system, and by traders who are generating more waste than previously (particularly the growing numbers of eateries), and who employ a variety of different private refuse collectors who all call on different days.

   Cotham in Bloom

The scheme to improve the appearance of the Cotham Hill/ Whiteladies Gate shopping area with hanging baskets from early June to late October is developing apace. A Cotham in Bloom sub-committee has been established consisting of Gillian Penrose (for RCAS), Clare Adani (for traders) and Jill White (for residents). Already enthusiasm is beginning to gather momentum. Traders will be asked to sponsor hanging baskets and residents will be invited to make donations. RCAS will subsidise the scheme in its first year.

Redesignation of the Open Gardens Districts: In order to improve the workability of the Open Gardens day for both visitors and those who open their gardens, the committee agreed to divide the RCAS area into 4 districts:
(i) Redland North, (ii) Redland East, (iii) Redland West, (iv) Cotham.
An article on the changes will be included in the Spring Newsletter.

   Next Meeting

Next Meeting Tuesday 15 January 2013

email info@rcas.org.uk

October 2012

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Informing members about the current work of the RCAS Committee and alerts them to current and upcoming matters.

If you have any issues you wish to raise with RCAS, please email: info@rcas.org.uk
your email will be passed to the relevant Committee member.

Meeting summary

Click on headings on list of contents or scroll down the page

The RCAS Committee will next meet in early December. The following report notes the major items discussed at the October Meeting.


   Former Maskreys site

The proposed development of the former Maskreys site on Whiteladies Road:
RCAS objected to a proposal which, it argued, was an over-intensive development of this site. This proposal – to demolish the rear extension, erect a new 4 storey building, convert the upper floors of the former store to flats for overseas foreign language students, create a management suite (Use Class B1) and to retain the ground floor and part of the basement for a (Class A1) retail unit – has been withdrawn. Revised plans are likely to be forthcoming.

  Territorial Army site

The proposed redevelopment of the Territorial Army site on Whiteladies Road:
RCAS is supporting other local amenity societies in pressing for a suitable community use for this site.

  Western College:

RCAS has objected on design grounds to a proposed new building (to serve as a pharmacy) to the rear of this listed building. RCAS also objected to the loss of parking space, as have many residents/patients.

   Dorma Night Club:

(Formerly Platform 1) RCAS has objected to a proposed smoking shelter on a flat roof on the grounds that late night noise would inevitably travel to nearby flats etc.

   18 Stanley Rd:

RCAS has objected to an application for change of use from six-person HMO (classed as small HMO) to seven-person
– sui generis class – on the grounds of the disproportionate number of HMOs in this area.

Local residents are also objecting strongly to this application and to building works which have been carried out without consent.

  Article 4 Direction :

The Bristol City Council Article 4 Direction bringing the development of parking spaces in front gardens in the Redland and Cotham Conservation Area within planning controls is due to come into force on 4 November.


   Café Gusto, Whiteladies Centre.

An application for extended opening hours and the provision of a takeaways service until 5am was rejected following strong objections by local residents and Councillors.

   River Cottage

proposed new premises Whiteladies Rd. RCAS has objected to the details of the licence application which would potentially allow use simply as a bar, and also to late hours (to midnight for alcohol and food), which potential inclusion of off sales. RCAS and local residents are seeking hours that conform with local area

   Bargain Booze, Zetland Road:

The application for a license to permit a 24-hour telephone delivery service for alcohol which was rejected in the summer is to be reheard on 8 November. RCAS objected to the original application on the grounds that the proposed changes to the current licence would generate considerable additional noise and disturbance.


   Cotham Gardens:

RCAS is very grateful to Liz Kew and a group of volunteers who have removed graffiti from and re-painted some play equipment. BCC has approved the installation of the proposed Oak bench, on condition that RCAS is responsible for the costs of its installation as well as its manufacture. BCC has also agreed to replace the dog waste bins(using Neighbourhood Partnership funding). Maintenance arrangements for 15 years are already in place.

   Redland Green:

RGCG is developing a programme for consulting with the community about the use of the substantial equipment grant allocation from BCC. The Neighbourhood Development Officer is to visit local school to seek the views of pupils.

   Cotham Hill

RCAS Committee member Gillian Penrose has been conducting a feasibility study into developing a floral enhancement scheme for the Cotham Hill shopping area, extending from Films @59 and the ex- Clifton Motors to the junction with Whiteladies Road, and possibly including the 3 premises fronting the newly enlarged pavement opposite the Clifton Down Centre. RCAS has agreed to provide start-up funding for the scheme to install and maintain hanging baskets on lamp-posts and some tubs, and it is hoped that local traders and residents will also wish to sponsor the provision of planted baskets and tubs. The project will require careful planning and hard work, but it should make the Cotham Hill shopping area more attractive and welcoming.

   Whiteladies Road / Cotham Hill Business Development Project

RCAS Committee member Simon Birch is a member of the Steering Group which has been established to seek to improve business success in this area, including retail and other activity. A part-time project worker is being employed under the supervision of Sustainable Redland.

   Neighbourhood Partnership

The main agenda items at the most recent meeting included a review of community safety and security and looked in detail at the Speedwatch programme, and it was agreed that a volunteer is needed to coordinate the volunteers. The consultation on the introduction of 20mph limit is being extended to include all the December Neighbourhood Forums and the January 2013 Neighbourhood Partnership meeting and an email shot.

July 2012

posted Nov 2, 2012, 9:27 AM by juliet johns

Informing members about the current work of the RCAS Committee and alerts them to current and upcoming matters.

If you have any issues you wish to raise with RCAS, please email: info@rcas.org.uk
your email will be passed to the relevant Committee member

Meeting summary

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The RCAS Committee will next meet in mid September.
The following report notes the major items discussed at the July Meeting.


   Former Maskreys site

The proposed development of the former Maskreys site on Whiteladies Road
continues to preoccupy our planning representatives. RCAS has objected to the current proposal, which involves: the demolition of an existing rear extension; the erection of a new four-storey building and the conversion of the upper floors of the former store to flats for overseas foreign language students; a management suite (Use Class B1); the retention of ground floor and part of the basement of the former store for (Class A1) retail unit.

Unfortunately there were no proper pre-application consultations by the developer before the scheme was submitted. The intention appears to be to accommodate 66 students in 33 units of varying sizes - many in clusters with shared facilities, many with unacceptable outlooks. The cramped student bedrooms can best be described as “cell like” and shared rooms minimal, with no communal inside or outside amenity space. The refuse facilities are poorly located with difficult and contentious access from Whatley Road. Cycle storage is via a staircase into the basement. Adjoining gardens and houses in Whatley Road will be overlooked. RCAS Takes the view that although the proposed uses are acceptable in principle the actual proposal involves an over-intensive development of the site, with too many students in accommodation of meagre space standards


   NISA / Bargain Booze

The RCAS committee, as well as many RCAS members and other local residents, is objecting to two current applications for 24-hour trading: NISA in Chandos Road has applied for permission to remain open all night selling alcohol, and hot food till 5 a.m. and Bargain Booze in Zetland Road has applied for a license to permit a 24-hour telephone delivery service for alcohol. Both of these applications, if granted would generate considerable additional noise and disturbance

Student Matters

  Appreciation / disappointment

While committee members appreciate the effort that both universities are making to encourage their students to show greater respect for the neighbourhoods in which they make their term-time homes, they were rather disappointed to note that the amount of waste and unwanted items left outside HMOs by departing students seemed to be greater this year than last.

Enquiries will be made about whether the universities had sponsored an extra waste collection as they had last year.


The Friends of Cotham Gardens have organised a painting day on 13 July, when they will remove graffiti from and repaint play equipment (weather permitting).

Following a meeting with Richard Fletcher of Bristol City Council, priority issues from the Area Green Space Plan document are being addressed, including rosebeds, wild-flower meadow area, bird boxes and bench(es) for the top end. RCAS is currently investigating the cost of providing and (with BCC financial assistance) installing a curved oak bench which would complement the contours of the land in this location.

The repainting of the railings is also being considered as a project for a funding application, given that it is too big a project for volunteers to tackle.

Councillor Townsend has successfully bid for £110k of the £3.5 million pot recently announced by BCC for improvements to Parks across Bristol. The allocation for Redland Green will be used to replace equipment in the play area.


Bristol City Council has become the first local authority to approve a code of practice for good urban tree governance based on ‘Trees in the Townscape, A Guide for Decision Makers’ produced by the Trees and Design Action Group.

The Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership has been given the green light to collect match funding from private sources to support an application for NP funding for a project to plant some more street trees. The application is likely to be submitted in October.

The committee also discussed a pre-application consultation on proposed repair work by Cotham School of a wall on Hartfield Avenue which may involve felling 2 or 3 trees. It was noted that if the fellings were approved they would be subject to the Bristol Tree Replacement Standard which may require planting up to 8 new trees.

The Committee agreed that in general there was much good news on the tree front. However, it was also noted that some hedges and trees have become so luxuriant this summer that they are overhanging pavements and impeding pedestrians as well as looking rather untidy. It was suggested that we might include a short item in the next Newsletter reminding residents of the need to keep hedges and trees in good order so as not to detract from the visual amenity of the neighbourhood.

Transport and Street Services

Anthony Wilks continues to work with local residents to remove unsightly graffiti. His recent work has been in the Cotham area, but he would welcome alerts (via info@rcas) about graffiti in other parts of the RCAS area.

In response to a letter suggesting that RCAS should have done more to alert members to the latest consultation on the Cotham Residents’ Parking Scheme, it was noted that RCAS had alerted its members to the original full consultation on the principle of the scheme and that the most recent consultation was the statutory traffic regulation consultation on the detail of the implementation of the scheme which had already been approved.
Neighbourhood Partnership

At the meeting of the BCR Neighbourhood Partnership on 18 June RCAS Committee member Clive Stevens was re-elected as Chair.

The main agenda included a review of the issues raised at the three recent Forums and progress on the Local Priorities which had emerged from a range of open meetings and some surveys in recent years. These priorities are to improve: Parks and Green Spaces, Traffic and Sustainable Transport, Equalities, Street Scene including trees, Links with Local Business, Community facilities, Sustainability and Local Arts.

There was much discussion of trees: winter tree planting events were agreed for St Andrews Park (2012) and Horfield Common (2013). The NP also agreed to support Vassili Papastavrou’s application for Tree Preservation Orders to protect the ancient ash trees in Redland Green.

The NP intends to establish a BCR-wide street scene group to communicate with BCC in keeping streets clean and tidy, free from bins and graffiti and leaves, and to identify any pavement hazards. The NP is calling for volunteers to help in their own particular locality.

The next meeting of the BCR NP is 22nd October – venue to be confirmed.

Gold and Green Star Nominations

The Committee discussed an email objecting to one of the current nomination (on the grounds that the building in question had not complied with all of the details of its planning permission). It also resolved to continue to seek further nominations from members before the August deadline.

Future projects

  • It was suggested that RCAS should use some of its funds to improve the appearance of the site of the Farmers’ market and Cotham Hill, by sponsoring hanging baskets and flower tubs. The committee will approach local Traders’ Associations to seek to progress this.
  • The committee also considered whether it should take the initiative in seeking to involve Redland and Cotham in the Streets for Playing Out project.
  • There was also discussion of the need to find news ways of engaging the next generation of potential committee members and of getting more local residents involved in the work of RCAS.

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