About RCAS...

Introducing the Redland & Cotham Amenities Society

The RCAS was founded in 1973
and now with around 800 subscribing households,
we estimate our total membership to be well over 1200.

It is Registered Charity No. 268848

Our Aim...

Our general aim is to conserve and enhance the character of our area, its architecture, streets, trees, parks, open spaces and amenities, for the benefit of present and future residents.
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Our History...

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Our principal activities are
  • Monitoring and commenting on Planning Applications and local planning policy, and on Liquor Licensing applications and policy.
  • Planting of Trees in streets and parks plus promoting the planting of trees in front gardens. Monitoring tree works applications.
  • Campaigning over Transport Issues and monitoring street services
  • Restoring street lighting as appropriate to the historic street scene.
  • Sponsoring initiatives and fund raising to improve our Parks and play areas.
    Monitoring park maintenance.
  • Organising the Redland May Fair on Redland Green and the Open Gardens Sunday
  • Publishing a quarterly Newsletter, distributed to members.
  • Publishing local history Guides, and Greetings Cards with Redland & Cotham themes,
    the work of local artists.
  • Organising events such as lectures, discussions and Observation Walks to encourage appreciation of Redland and Cotham.
  • Organising annual Gold and Green Star awards for developments that enhance the
    appearance or sustainability of the area.


Please join us and help to protect and improve the area in which you live.

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