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Useful planning related documents, including general advice and those particular to the Redland Cotham area.

We have occasionally published articles under the heading 'Looking after our estate'. These contain information that we feel is particularly relevant to the mainly Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian houses that characterise our area. So far we have covered windows, stone garden walls, ironwork and trees.

Licensing & Planning - the future relationship, with case studies (Roger Mortimer)

Also see...

Licensing archive for other related documents

Householder's Guides

A Householder's Guide to the Installation of Satellite TV Dishes

Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

Our Changing Environment - the loss of family homes to Multiple Occupation

Our area has high concentrations of HMOs and there are sometimes issues with the difference in lifestyles of families and people who live in HMOs, particularly students. 
RCAS has been successful in getting the planning rules changed in Redland and Cotham so that even small HMOs now have to obtain planning approval for change from a family dwelling house. This allows us to try to stop levels of HMOs in parts of our area becoming unbalanced. 

There is a lot of useful information on the National HMO lobby website here.
You can also find the information about the local HMO requirements here

Ways of reducing our Carbon Footprint...

How can Victorian & Edwardian properties be adapted to minimise their carbon footprint? 

Some guidance from RCAS Planning Group member Roger Mortimer

  1. Reducing Energy Demand - by good insulation, draught and weather-stripping.
  2. Reducing Energy Consumption - by efficient heating equipment and controls, and other services.
  3. Generating Energy - using solar power for water heating and micro-generation of electricity.
  4. Sources of Advice and Information

Bristol Planning...

The Bristol Local Plan is the policy document which sets out how Bristol will be developed. It started in 2006 and sets the development policy up to 2026. There are a number of documents included in the Plan. 

The Core Strategy has the overarching view of city development, Site Allocations show policy for specific sites and Development Management Policies cover the whole city. 

These documents are all used to assess Planning Applications. 

See Bristol City Council planning pages for the relevant documents,