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RCAS Planning Group and Planning Applications
Concern about new development was one of the main reasons for the formation of the Society in 1973. Helping to ensure that developments preserve and enhance the visual and other amenities of our area remains an important aim.

RCAS and Planning

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What the RCAS Planning Group does...

We review the Council’s weekly list of planning applications. Many matters do not require comment and we concentrate on those that will have a significant impact – good or bad – on the area. 

We are also the nominated community group for pre-application community consultation for our area.

When objecting, we give detailed reasons and at times suggest how proposals could be improved.
We support well-designed schemes that will enhance the neighbourhood.

Please note this is not a substitute for action by residents

Notices of Planning Applications are posted on lampposts and immediate neighbours are notified by the Planning Department.

In addition, weekly lists of planning applications across Bristol are maintained on the
Bristol City Council's website - click here for relevant page.

What RCAS members can do...

RCAS members are strongly recommended to
  • check the website or just read the notices on local lamp posts
  • look at what is proposed,
  • discuss with neighbours where appropriate and
  • make comments direct to the Planners.
Where these views are made known to us we can take these into account
when framing any comments made on behalf of the Society.
Our work is regularly reviewed and discussed by the RCAS Committee.
The Quarterly Newsletters explain the RCAS Committee’s view on planning issues and
when time scales allow report on major applications.

Members can obtain information about individual applications and our response from the
Planning Group on request (preferably by email).

How to find out about planning applications in your area...

On the Bristol City Council website there is a map which shows all planning applications- go to the Bristol City Council Pinpoint map and tick in the box for planning applications. This shows all current applications and appeals.

Alternatively there is a website , where you can sign up for news of planning applications in your area.

You can also register for notifications for planning applications on the Bristol City Council Planning Online website.

The current RCAS Planning Group...

The Group currently includes
  • Roger Mortimer
  • Simon Birch 
  • Alison Bromilow and
  • Stephen Morris who attends the Council’s Conservation Advisory Panel meeting 
other members assist from time to time.

Pre Application consultation by developers...

When discussing proposals with developers at this stage we have found it useful to provide a general statement of the Society's aims for the area. Not exactly a 'Planning Policy' but a good indication of our likes and dislikes. This can be seen under RCAS Approach to development of our area.

Pre application discussions between the developer's architect and RCAS planning Group led to a much more satisfactory design solution for this project in Cotham Hill.

RCAS objected to the first design for this building in Cotham Hill and it was refused planning consent. Discussions between RCAS Planning Group and the developer's architect helped to achieve the much better scheme that received planning consent. The project has yet to be built

Also see...

Pre Planning Applications and RCAS

 and some general principles held by RCAS

RCAS approach to development of our area...

RCAS does not have ‘a planning policy’ but some general principles have emerged over the last 10 years that currently colour our approach to proposed developments.

We think it would be helpful to offer a summary of these for members, and would welcome comments. This summary may also be given to developers who consult us.

RCAS Approach to Planning

Click here  to read, download or print the summary of RCAS Approach to Planning

Monitoring of planning applications...

The RCAS Planning Group reviews the weekly list of applications. We do not comment on any that will have little effect on the 'street scene' and only affect immediate neighbours. Despite this at any one time we will be dealing with 20 or more Planning Applications, large and small.

Some may be sites that have been under consideration for a long time. Others, mostly the smaller schemes pass through the system quite quickly. The website will only publish information on these when they are of major importance and members support is sought for the Society's aims.

Recent planning matters...

The recent and current applications are reported in the RCAS Newsletters

Our 'estate' - caring for and improving our property...

We have occasionally published articles under the heading 'Looking after our estate'. These contain information that we feel is particularly relevant to the mainly Georgian , Victorian and Edwardian houses that characterise our area. So far we have covered windows, stone garden walls, ironwork and trees

 A new topic deserves attention - how can these properties be adapted to 'minimise their carbon footprint' ?