RCAS newsletters

All RCAS members receive a packed quarterly newsletter, filled with photos and information on local issues and events, local history and articles by members.
An email news alert is also available (see below).

The newsletters are delivered by hand to RCAS members' homes by a dedicated band of distributors, who also collect the annual subscriptions.

This 'old fashioned' and perhaps time intensive system as well as keeping our overheads low, provides a personal service that helps to give members human contact with the Society.

The whole team works with great efficiency and their work is much appreciated.

The recent RCAS newsletters...

If you would like to contribute pictures or articles to future RCAS newsletters, please contact the Newsletter Editor - Peter Wilde
RCAS sept 2013 newsletter 161
May 2013 RCAS newsletter


Email Alerts...

Email News Alerts

Our Newsletter is published four times a year but we sometimes need to let members know about an important local matter between issues.

For many members, email is the preferred form of communication, so it makes sense for us to use this method to contact members, especially those in the area affected.

It only takes a few minutes to sign-up for this method; you can also indicate which particular issues interest you, and in the long term we will endeavour to target members with news updates that are relevant to them. You may come back at any time to sign-up for this service if you prefer.

Click here to Sign up for Email News Alerts: