Act Now

posted Oct 1, 2012, 9:13 AM by juliet johns
Police and NP meeting invitation...
Residents in Bishopston, Cotham and Redland (BCR) are being offered the chance to get an insight into the decision-making process faced by police during a terrorist incident.

BCR Neighbourhood Partnership and Redland Neighbourhood Police team are working with Police Special Branch in staging an event entitled

Act Now

16th October
6.30pm registrations for a 6.45pm start.
The aim is to finish at 9.00pm.

The venue is at Redland Green School, the Claremont room.

BCR Act Now will see participants gain an insight into what it is like for police dealing with the aftermath of a terrorist incident such as the 7 July bombings in London.

The exercise is designed to promote interaction between people from different community groups and to also provide a confidential forum to discuss the sensitive issues of extremism and terrorism.

A spokesman said: "Thrust into the fictitious town of Sandford you will be faced with a situation where a terrorist incident is about to or has taken place.
"Decisions you take will shape the way the incident is investigated, you deal with community members, the media and the families of those who may be arrested along the way.
"Taking part will give you an insight into the kinds of decisions the police have to make in extreme situations and will ultimately give you a better understating of counter terrorism procedures.
"It will also demonstrate how agencies and communities can work together to defeat terrorism."

Parking and disabled access available and microphones will be used at the event.
Places are limited and for more details or to reserve a space,
please contact Lynn Parfitt the Neighbourhood Development Officer by 10 October.

If you have any additional needs please let her know what they are.
Lynn Parfitt Tel 9036978