September 2010: newsletter 149

posted Aug 4, 2011, 10:07 AM by Alison Bromilow   [ updated Aug 4, 2011, 10:44 AM ]

For yet another year, we await the completion of the cycle path works that are a condition of the planning approval for Redland Green School. Meanwhile the school, opened 4 years ago, is now operating at full capacity. The inability of the 4 council departments involved to have agreed a way to work together to get this work finished is depressing.

An application to omit the approved resin bonded gravel surfacing has been made to the planning department, on the grounds that the cost of doing remedial works to deal with the unsatisfactorily steep section of shared path at the Cossins Road end of the park have used up part of the remaining works budget. RCAS has given its view that the work to make the path slope safe and to finish off the handrail which is to run along this section of path is so urgent that we would prefer this work to be done now, even if it means losing the proposed surfacing. The original reason for the surface was to show which of the paths was the cycle path and to obviate the necessity for the existing obtrusive signage, and to make it clear that the widened tarmac route was not a vehicular access; not, as has become the belief, to provide a non-slip surface. It may be that, perhaps in more prosperous times in the future, this surface could later be added to the existing shared cycle path.

The application proposes regrading the path to even out the slope, without changing the line of the route. This will mean that the path will be steeper between the bottom of the sleeper steps and the corner but shallower going round the corner. Given the topography of the land here, it is not possible to make a path which would comply with normal Disability Discrimination Act standards for new works, but it will be considerably better than what we have at present. The work will affect one of the flowering trees next to the path, which is likely to have to be removed. If so, it is intended that a replacement tree is planted.

The road to the Farm and allotments has been badly damaged and needs repair work, as do the sleeper steps up to the Cossins Road / Metford Road entrance. RCAS and the members of the Redland Green Community Group are working with the parks officer to agree design and specification for this work, which we hope will be undertaken in the near future, possibly in conjunction with the remainder of the outstanding work on the cycle path and fencing/ handrails.

RCAS is working in cooperation with the Neighbourhood Partnership, the Redland Green Community Group and the local councillors to find out what the community wants in the park. RCAS is also working with the other parks groups in the Neighbourhood Partnership area on the Area Green Space Plans proposals.