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01/2011 Redland Green report

posted Aug 4, 2011, 10:40 AM by Alison Bromilow

Works to Redland Green in connection with Redland Green School Application.

Note work to stepped ramp is not included in this because it was a separate project controlled by Parks department.


Application for Redland Green School 04/ 01393/FB

Condition of approval: separate application for cycle path

Application for cycle path Application No. 04/04418/FB/N Case officer Alison Straw.But application not made until 2 years later.

01/ 2005 AB / RM / + residents Meeting with John Drew CYPS.

02/2005 AB wrote to Peter Wilkinson [head of Parks] asking that RCAS be kept involved with design decision. PW forwarded with supporting note to Planning officers BC and AS.

AB wrote to John Drew and Ian Bell asking for follow up meeting. No response received. No further contact from CYPS to RCAS.

02/2006 BCC Landscape Architect’s response to application [rev B] 28 Feb 2006 asked for fence to be set back from road in line with hedge and fence of existing enclosed play area.

02/ 2006 Parks CPM told AB that BCC Legal Dept officer JR was objecting to fence location because of PROW issue.

02/2006 revised details submitted for cycle path and neighbours notified.

10/ 2006 RCAS wrote to Cllr Barbara Janke, Heather Tomlinson [CYPS] asking why there had been no progress on the application as that work should be complete before occupation of school etc. HT responded she understood there was to be an officer meeting to scope the options. Temporary school governors requested for support -no response.

Meeting between officers and Cllr Townsend November 2006. RCAS were not included and did not get feedback from meeting.

Letters supporting and objecting to cycling copied to RCAS. RCAS decided not to object in principle to cycling in park [especially as unenforceable] but continue to make comments on detail. 03/ 2007 Proposed line of fence supported by some to enclose area to prevent cycle route and to make the enclosure usable. No support for crescent shaped fence proposed by **.

14 March 2007 planning committee postponed decision until site visit. 

Site visit and meeting on 11 April 2007

Application revised 8 May 2007. Changed route to alternative path from road to dell, rumble strips, lighting pole, build out on Redland Road, new section of path alongside bowling green. 

Taken to Planning committee meeting 30 May 2007.

Finally approved 1 June 2007. 3 letters received, 1 from objecting and 2 supporting. RCAS also sent comments set out in full in report.

Approval of application 30 May 2007 [lapses June 2012] This included the fence line as shown on DWG CA 0067-04-1001-B

07/2007 CS wrote to Jan Ormondroyd asking her to get officers to work together. She replied her reorganisation would sort this out and she would be raising with relevant officers.

08/ 2007 unsegregated cycle path constructed. Specification changed without client or Parks approval and remedial works were done to redo setts. Work not completed – surfacing, handrails and fencing and surface finish still outstanding.

11/2007 section of cycle path identified as being too steep. BEC officer MB confirmed complaints from public and concern from Highways officers and Community parks officer confirmed he had been informed.

AB and Cllr ST chased Parks, CYPS and BEC officers: MB confirmed that they were in discussion with Leisure Services and Planning Officer to agree remedial works.

12/2007 Further chasing and MB confirmed that this work was not prioritised so no progress but confirmed to Cllr ST that fencing would be carried out when the path works were carried out.  Fencing samples still not approved. Planning officer, AS, confirmed that she had met Officer RW on site in October 2007 to discuss amended layout for remedial works.

01/2008 Remedial Work to Cossins Road section Dwg revised 14 May 2008. Planning officer discussing with dev.

03/ 2008 AB asked for progress report– Planning Off. said there had been no further contact - would chase.

04/ 2008 Parks officer said he had been told that remedial works would start in August 2008. Planning case passed to PIW [replaced AS].

06/ 2008 AB chased BEC officer MB.

07/ 2008 MB confirmed that Highways had approved the remedial works but that the planning officer had said that public consultation should be carried out. Drawing rev C circulated by AB to VP, LG, RCAS cttee, other Redland Green community who had contacted RCAS about cycle path issues. Planning also notified parties.

Consultation closed on July 16 2008.

RGCG set up in June 2008.  Group to be independent of RCAS. Mtgs 15 Sept & 12 Nov 2008.

Many residents responded to the consultation to VP. RGCG came up with an alternative solution to form a small lobby area as an ‘air lock’ to the gate into the fenced area. RCAS supported this solution. This was subsequently objected to by some members of RGCG who were concerned about possibility of bullying in this small space.

10/ 2008 AB wrote to Colin Knight- then head of transport to ask him to get progress. He passed it back to MB.

11/ 2008 Working party of LG, CS, JM, ML from RGCG. CS circulated a response to the planning officer by email to RGCG for approval. Responses submitted to planning officer who confirmed they would be taken into consideration despite consultation having closed in July.

*11/2008 RGCG group meeting with Peter Wilkinson and Chris Hammond – LG / JM /AB attended. PW said he supported enclosure of area between access road, bowling green and enclosed play area because he had had a number of requests for this area to be made dog and car free. Did not support alternative options – ‘air lock’ or swept curve.

11/2008 Peter Wilkinson and Chris Hammond inspected site to agree their response.

1/2009 PW and CH trying to set up meeting between CYPS, planning Cycling and Walking officers to agree design.

31/03/2009 Meeting between LG and CS, Alison Bromilow RCAS, Parks APM CH, BEC officer MB + colleagues, Planning officer PIW, to discuss rev C drawing showing fencing on original line. Concerns about line of fence wrt road raised by CS and subsequently by LG in email to BEC officer, MB cc Head of Parks, PW supporting gate location on path where route crosses access road and asking for fence to be set back by 1 m. No opposition to principle of fence installation. Proposed at meeting that fence, handrail and surfacing works be carried out asap. Remedial works to follow when agreed.

06/ 2009 Planning Officer confirmed details were OK but he was still waiting for samples of surface and fencing to approve as condition of original approval.

06/ 2009 AB chased BEC officer MB to find out what had happened since meeting.

09/2009 update from MB – we haven’t got as far as we would have liked because of pressure of other work. Looking at specification of surfacing material Getting prices for the work.

09/2009 AB and ST asked Cllr Jon Rogers and Cllr Clare Campion Smith to expedite work.

09/2009 email from BEC officer, MB – only in office 3 days/week. Client is PL in Corporate services Work on eg BRT [Bus Rapid Transit] taking priority so could not give a programme for the work.

10&11 /2009 CS wrote again to Jan Ormondroyd – had a response from Corporate Services that much of the work would be completed by January 2010

10/2009 New parks officer CA in parks now responsible for park until end Oct. MH ill replace her.

11/2009 Parks officer CH becomes responsible for Redland Green again - line manager for MH

1/2010 AB met BEC officer IW on site to discuss remedial works to slope of path

02/2010 AB exchanged emails with BEC officer JP now i/c remedial work design.

02/2010 Parks officer CH reassigned – no longer responsible for Redland Green but would stay responsible for cycle path to ensure continuity

05/2010 BEC officer CB now i/c cycle path works [replaces JP]

05/2010 Non material amendment 10/02280/NMA to put right levels at Cossins Road end of park and omit surfacing to save money. Application in May 2010 approved in August 2010.

06/2010 AB discovered Chris Hammond was no longer i/c the park even for the cycle path.

06/2010 AB asked Env and Leisure project manager CB, to assign a project officer to park. Sleeper Step replacement and access road reconstruction as s106 works- not part of cycle path application but inevitably impacted on it.

07/2010 AB checked progress of application with PIW. Told that surfacing was not to be included because BCC could not afford it.

08/ 2010 Non Material Amendment application Approved.

12/ 2010 work started and stopped.

September 2010: newsletter 149

posted Aug 4, 2011, 10:07 AM by Alison Bromilow   [ updated Aug 4, 2011, 10:44 AM ]

For yet another year, we await the completion of the cycle path works that are a condition of the planning approval for Redland Green School. Meanwhile the school, opened 4 years ago, is now operating at full capacity. The inability of the 4 council departments involved to have agreed a way to work together to get this work finished is depressing.

An application to omit the approved resin bonded gravel surfacing has been made to the planning department, on the grounds that the cost of doing remedial works to deal with the unsatisfactorily steep section of shared path at the Cossins Road end of the park have used up part of the remaining works budget. RCAS has given its view that the work to make the path slope safe and to finish off the handrail which is to run along this section of path is so urgent that we would prefer this work to be done now, even if it means losing the proposed surfacing. The original reason for the surface was to show which of the paths was the cycle path and to obviate the necessity for the existing obtrusive signage, and to make it clear that the widened tarmac route was not a vehicular access; not, as has become the belief, to provide a non-slip surface. It may be that, perhaps in more prosperous times in the future, this surface could later be added to the existing shared cycle path.

The application proposes regrading the path to even out the slope, without changing the line of the route. This will mean that the path will be steeper between the bottom of the sleeper steps and the corner but shallower going round the corner. Given the topography of the land here, it is not possible to make a path which would comply with normal Disability Discrimination Act standards for new works, but it will be considerably better than what we have at present. The work will affect one of the flowering trees next to the path, which is likely to have to be removed. If so, it is intended that a replacement tree is planted.

The road to the Farm and allotments has been badly damaged and needs repair work, as do the sleeper steps up to the Cossins Road / Metford Road entrance. RCAS and the members of the Redland Green Community Group are working with the parks officer to agree design and specification for this work, which we hope will be undertaken in the near future, possibly in conjunction with the remainder of the outstanding work on the cycle path and fencing/ handrails.

RCAS is working in cooperation with the Neighbourhood Partnership, the Redland Green Community Group and the local councillors to find out what the community wants in the park. RCAS is also working with the other parks groups in the Neighbourhood Partnership area on the Area Green Space Plans proposals.

December 2009; Newsletter 146

posted Aug 4, 2011, 9:59 AM by Alison Bromilow   [ updated Aug 4, 2011, 10:45 AM ]

There is still no action to report on the completion of the cycle path on Redland Green. The corporate complaints manager, in response to a letter to the chief executive Jan Ormondroyd from Clive Stevens and Vas Papastavrou, confirmed that much of the work would be completed by January 2010, but the officer who is responsible for the work has still not had confirmation that the money is available because he has not yet submitted the report on the contractors’ tender prices for approval. We continue to press for completion of this work!!

The native species hedge, which was planted by the local community last spring, is thriving and has been strengthened by replacement planting where plants have been lost. Local resident JohnTarlton obtained funding from the Woodland Trust for the plants and members of the local community met to finish off the planting on Saturday November 28thThis will grow up to screen the back walls of the houses along St Oswald’s Road and provide a good wildlife resource too.

The new litter and dog waste bins are a welcome addition and should stop the foxes and squirrels emptying the litter all over the grass; and the raising of the path and kerbstones at the corner by the fountain will make this corner safer for people using the footpath. These two items of work were discussed with the parks officer at the end of October and have already been completed – what a contrast with the cycle path experience.

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