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Redland Green

Redland Green

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RCAS and Redland Green from the beginning...

Since its inauguration in 1973, RCAS has encouraged the improvement and maintenance of the parks and open spaces, and the preservation and replanting of trees.

In the 1980s, RCAS pursued a programme of replanting of trees on the Green, many of which were lost and had to be replaced because of vandalism and poor maintenance by the Council, and many of the younger trees on the green date from this time.

In 1990, in response to concerns about safety at the playground, parents contacted Bristol City Council with proposals to enclose the children's play area, concerned at both the proximity of the access road leading to the farm and allotments to the children's play area and the danger to health of children coming into contact with dog faeces infected with Toxacara.

The Redland Green Appeal Group was set up under the umbrella of the RCAS and a public consultation exercise carried out to produce an agreed plan of development. A budget was drawn up and fund raising started, as the council had confirmed they would not be able to fund works to fence and replace the equipment which was at the end of its life. Approximately £27,000 was raised in this first stage.

The first section of work was completed in summer 1994. This comprised the fence and hedge creating a dog-free play area. The swings and climbing equipment were installed with safety surfaces on the existing tarmac and a new area, with sand used as the safety surface, was installed with play equipment suitable for toddlers. A bench overlooking the sandpit was made and donated by Stones plc.

New trees to provide some shade for the play area were also included in the design, three Robinia Pseudoacacia next to the fence and four Betula Pendula at the entrance.

The remaining money, with matching funds from the Council, then funded the second phase of the development. This included the new path leading to the play area, new and relocated benches, drainage works to try to combat the problems of standing water on the Green, additional picnic benches within the dog-free area and the aerial runway, which was installed to provide play for the older children.

In 2000, addition funds from s106 developer contributions were used to fund crown reduction of the trees along the access road to Woodstock Road, the installation of new benches and the replacement of some of the lamps in the park with Victorian replica lamp standards.

Redland Green School and the cycle path saga...

In 2004, the city council approved a planning application to develop Redland Green School (Application no 04/01393/FB ) on the adjacent playing fields site. As a condition of approval, a cycle path was required to give an access route to the school across the green to the entrance on Redland Court Road. Planning Application no 04/04418/FB 

The local residents were divided about whether they wanted or did not want cycling through the green, particularly as, until the local bye-laws lapsed, cycling in the green was prohibited. Over the next 7 years, the council officers from 4 different departments failed to complete the work, despite the attempts of RCAS, local residents and councillors to get someone from the council to take responsibility for coordinating the project. The RCAS newsletters reported the increasingly frustrating situation. Since the creation of the Neighbourhood Partnership system, the NP too has been trying to get the cycle path works completed. 

The budget cuts led to a revised application to omit some of the elements of the cycle path which had been intended to reduce the visual impact of the 3 m wide tarmac path. Planning Application no 10/02280/NMA

Most recently, some residents have campaigned to prevent the installation of the fence, which was part of the approved planning application, arguing that as this part of the green is a registered village green, the enclosure is not legal. Some other residents have voiced their support for the installation of the fence to increase the dog and traffic free area of the park and thus contribute to their better enjoyment of the park, in line with the requirement of the Town and Village Green legislation.

Steps to Cossins Road and Metford Road...

In 2010, the timber stepped ramp leading up to Cossins Road was replaced with concrete steps. 

It had been proposed that these steps, which were now dangerous because they were in urgent need of substantial repair, could be removed because the newly widened and regraded shared cycle path would mean that the stepped ramp was no longer needed, but many people supported the reinstatement of the steps so the decision was reversed and the steps were replaced.

In the time since the original steps were installed, the council has adopted a new policy on

The standards for parks and open spaces referred to and were based on, a Countryside Agency document:

The design of the steps therefore had to take account of the revised standards and make reasonable provision for disabled access. Unfortunately, there was no discussion about what was reasonable and so the strictest standard of the guidelines were followed, without consideration of the impact on the park. This was another example of the need for a single project officer who would be in a position to coordinate all the various issues. There has been, and continues to be, opposition to the current design and further discussions are happening to see if anything to improve the area can be done.

Who to contact...

Who to contact...

You can contact the Parks department direct here: 
or you can talk to the Area Environmental Officer Mark Owen at 
It would be helpful if you could also keep RCAS informed 

Playground consultation Nov 2013:

In 2012 £110k was allocated to improvements to the park from capital funding. RCAS circulated members on the email alert list with details.

Redland Green Playground Consultation

Redland Green improvements: a number of options for the £110K funding for improvements to Redland Green were consulted on last year.  

The proposals for the Redland Green project cover the following priorities identified in the previous consultation exercise and feedback from school students with regard to the seating area for teenagers:
  • Work to the childrens’ playground to replace failing and failed equipment
  • Seating area for older children (and other members of the public)
  • Repair of paths and road to the farmhouse / allotments
  • Meadow area for wildlife
  • Wildlife information boards
There has been a delay in carrying out the  work but it has now started and we look forward to seeing the refreshed playground later in the Autumn


What you can do...

What you can do...

If you have any suggestions for improvements to the park, if you wish to draw our attention to any problems that you think we might have missed, or if you are interested in joining local community members to help with 'Bramble bashing' and tree, hedge and bulb planting workparties, please email Alison Bromilow.

Reports on Redland Green...

Up to date reports on Redland Green and Cotham Gardens are always found in the informative
RCAS quarterly newsletter

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