October 2005 Report

posted Jul 6, 2011, 8:11 AM by juliet johns   [ updated Jul 6, 2011, 8:20 AM ]
A helpful and instructive display panel was unveiled on 19 October 2005
at the entrance of Cotham Gardens

Designed by Roger Mortimer, vice-chairman of the Society, the panel explains how the
park was created in 1881, and how it continues to develop to meet today’s needs.

Some of the various species of trees in the arboretum are illustrated and the history of
Lovers’ Walk with it's avenue of 40 lime trees is described.

The panel was funded by an Award from The Rotary Club of Clifton, as part of the
2005 Rotary International Centenary celebrations. The President, David Powell, was invited to unveil it in a brief ceremony at the park entrance on Redland Grove.

David Powell unveils the panel
                                         Roger Mortimer, David Powell, Alison Bromilow

Alison Bromilow
, chairman of RCAS, said:
‘We hope that knowing more about Cotham Gardens will increase public appreciation of this valued amenity. We thank Clifton Rotary for making it possible to achieve this new feature in our local park.”

The RCAS has also recently donated a Dawn Redwood and an Incense Cedar,
which will be planted this winter.