January 2009 Reports

posted Jul 6, 2011, 8:21 AM by juliet johns
Roger Mortimer and James Mallender

The play area improvement scheme, published in the September Newsletter and displayed on site, has been reviewed and minor changes made. Following user comment and further research the concrete table tennis table is being omitted as it is felt that the likely amount of use and attendant risk of abuse did not justify its provision.

We hope to use the money saved for
  • The main work of installing the additional two items of play equipment and the tarmac resurfacing was completed just before Christmas. We still hope to see the provision of really robust replacements for the two picnic tables, plus some ‘ground graphics’ – permanent markings on the tarmac for such traditional games as hopscotch

  • The blocked drain was ‘jetted’ but failed again almost immediately. We have been told that Parks have now ordered a ‘full survey to establish the problem’. RCAS and we suspect park users have been complaining about this defect for many months and the failure of the Council to deal with it is frankly disgraceful.
Once the improvements are complete we need to focus on various relatively minor defects throughout the park which affect its overall appearance and our enjoyment.

Many of these are due to failures in routine park maintenance – dirty benches, overgrown hedges, holes in paths etc. Much of this should be done by the contractors but the community could do the final polish with a ‘weekend spring clean’.

If you would be interested in organising or helping with this community initiative
please contact Roger Mortimer or James Mallender 973 1637.

Cotham Gardens playground, Lovers Walk's new street lights