August 2009 Report

posted Jul 6, 2011, 8:32 AM by juliet johns
Roger Mortimer and James Mallender

The main event of the year was the completion of the play area improvement scheme that was funded by 'Section 106' money.

These are the contributions to local public amenities that are made by developers to the Council
as part of the process of planning approval. Approximately £15,000 was spent on two items of
play equipment
and a comprehensive upgrade of the tarmac over a large area.

Interestingly this has stimulated far greater general play activity in this fairly shady area
of the park - more that is accounted for by the popular new Low Rotator (roundabout!).
We still plan to help fund the replacement of the two battered picnic tables.

Despite the apology for a summer, this hugely popular park has been very fully used and stood up to this reasonably well. However, we remain very disappointed at the continued failure of the Council to deal with neglected maintenance items. These range from the persistent failure of the contactors to sweep the tarmac to long standing drainage problems. Some very minor improvements such as a litter bin with a lid are also required.

The Parks Department appears to have been in a state of constant reorganisation and the management of this park has been inadequate.
A new Manager has now been appointed, Miles Harris.
Users of the park can assist by contacting him - (0117) 92 23456.

Please also keep RCAS member James Mallender (0117) 974 1044
informed of problems that require council attention.