Cotham Garden Reports

Bid for funding for replacement play equipment

posted Dec 19, 2012, 12:40 PM by Alison Bromilow

RCAS has submitted an application for funding for replacement equipment in the sand pit area of the park. The current equipment is no longer stocked in the UK and spare parts have to be sent from the USA.

The play officer has suggested that equipment that makes the most of the play value of the sand is used and has forwarded the attached files as a suggestion.

Cotham School design project 2012

posted Dec 19, 2012, 12:32 PM by Alison Bromilow

Design students at Cotham School took part in a project to improve the function and design of the top of Cotham Gardens. This was initiated by the 'Friends of Cotham Gardens' to encourage young children to feel they have an involvement with the community and their surroundings and hence a respect for these.

We were very impressed with the quality of the designs submitted. They were judged by a local Landscape Designer, Hilary Barber and Rebecca Livingstone from the Friends of Cotham Gardens. The scores were based on Utility for the whole community, environmental and recycled elements, easy maintenance, aesthetics and value for money.

They judged the winner to be Jasmine Rawlinson with joint second place being shared by Hodi and Carla Johnson.

You will pleased to know that the RCAS have secured funding and permission to plant a wild flower meadow and add to the seating in this area. Many of the designs included wild flowers and additional seating so I hope the class see this a good development for their environment.

I have attached the 3 winning designs so that the RCAS members can appreciate them and the effort your pupils took in their project.

report by Rebecca Livingstone

September 2011 Report

posted Oct 4, 2011, 2:38 AM by juliet johns   [ updated Oct 5, 2011, 9:32 AM ]

Roger Mortimer and Sarah Cuthill

 The park continues to stand up well to heavy use, and maintence is now reasonable, with the benches finally cleaned and overhauled. Dobbin, the wooden pony that stood in front of the cart in the play area had to be retired due to an age related ailment (well, timber decay!) after standing by his cart for some 35 years.

RCAS has funded the replacement (see below), commissioning an original work by local wood carver, Andrew O'Neill. This has been carved from English Oak sourced in Gloucestershire.

August 2009 Report

posted Jul 6, 2011, 8:32 AM by juliet johns

Roger Mortimer and James Mallender

The main event of the year was the completion of the play area improvement scheme that was funded by 'Section 106' money.

These are the contributions to local public amenities that are made by developers to the Council
as part of the process of planning approval. Approximately £15,000 was spent on two items of
play equipment
and a comprehensive upgrade of the tarmac over a large area.

Interestingly this has stimulated far greater general play activity in this fairly shady area
of the park - more that is accounted for by the popular new Low Rotator (roundabout!).
We still plan to help fund the replacement of the two battered picnic tables.

Despite the apology for a summer, this hugely popular park has been very fully used and stood up to this reasonably well. However, we remain very disappointed at the continued failure of the Council to deal with neglected maintenance items. These range from the persistent failure of the contactors to sweep the tarmac to long standing drainage problems. Some very minor improvements such as a litter bin with a lid are also required.

The Parks Department appears to have been in a state of constant reorganisation and the management of this park has been inadequate.
A new Manager has now been appointed, Miles Harris.
Users of the park can assist by contacting him - (0117) 92 23456.

Please also keep RCAS member James Mallender (0117) 974 1044
informed of problems that require council attention.

January 2009 Reports

posted Jul 6, 2011, 8:21 AM by juliet johns

Roger Mortimer and James Mallender

The play area improvement scheme, published in the September Newsletter and displayed on site, has been reviewed and minor changes made. Following user comment and further research the concrete table tennis table is being omitted as it is felt that the likely amount of use and attendant risk of abuse did not justify its provision.

We hope to use the money saved for
  • The main work of installing the additional two items of play equipment and the tarmac resurfacing was completed just before Christmas. We still hope to see the provision of really robust replacements for the two picnic tables, plus some ‘ground graphics’ – permanent markings on the tarmac for such traditional games as hopscotch

  • The blocked drain was ‘jetted’ but failed again almost immediately. We have been told that Parks have now ordered a ‘full survey to establish the problem’. RCAS and we suspect park users have been complaining about this defect for many months and the failure of the Council to deal with it is frankly disgraceful.
Once the improvements are complete we need to focus on various relatively minor defects throughout the park which affect its overall appearance and our enjoyment.

Many of these are due to failures in routine park maintenance – dirty benches, overgrown hedges, holes in paths etc. Much of this should be done by the contractors but the community could do the final polish with a ‘weekend spring clean’.

If you would be interested in organising or helping with this community initiative
please contact Roger Mortimer or James Mallender 973 1637.

Cotham Gardens playground, Lovers Walk's new street lights

October 2005 Report

posted Jul 6, 2011, 8:11 AM by juliet johns   [ updated Jul 6, 2011, 8:20 AM ]

A helpful and instructive display panel was unveiled on 19 October 2005
at the entrance of Cotham Gardens

Designed by Roger Mortimer, vice-chairman of the Society, the panel explains how the
park was created in 1881, and how it continues to develop to meet today’s needs.

Some of the various species of trees in the arboretum are illustrated and the history of
Lovers’ Walk with it's avenue of 40 lime trees is described.

The panel was funded by an Award from The Rotary Club of Clifton, as part of the
2005 Rotary International Centenary celebrations. The President, David Powell, was invited to unveil it in a brief ceremony at the park entrance on Redland Grove.

David Powell unveils the panel
                                         Roger Mortimer, David Powell, Alison Bromilow

Alison Bromilow
, chairman of RCAS, said:
‘We hope that knowing more about Cotham Gardens will increase public appreciation of this valued amenity. We thank Clifton Rotary for making it possible to achieve this new feature in our local park.”

The RCAS has also recently donated a Dawn Redwood and an Incense Cedar,
which will be planted this winter.

November 2003 Report

posted Jul 6, 2011, 8:09 AM by juliet johns

It is good to report that the four new trees that the RCAS has sponsored, including the Commemoration Oak that we planted on 5th December 2002, reported in January’s Newsletter, are all doing well.

The 1998 Cabot Oak (red oak, left) in Lovers Walk has again given its usual autumn display.

We still need an RCAS member to help the Committee by regularly, constructively and firmly telling the Council about things that need attention. We can brief and support such a ‘park monitor’ but are simply unable to this job ourselves.

Any volunteers – contact Roger or Alison.

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