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Cotham Gardens and Lovers' Walk

Cotham Gardens and Lovers' Walk

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RCAS and Cotham Gardens from the beginning...

Following the success of the first phase of work completed at Redland Green, another group convened in 1994 to create a new play area at Cotham Gardens that would replace the existing worn-out playground.

Following negotiations with RCAS, an area of land at the back of the site was donated by
VIVA! Leisure, who were then developing the adjoining site. VIVA also agreed to replace the
broken down boundary fence with railings and to provide an alternative access to the park from Redland Road through their land.

The group raised around £30,000 by organising a number of activities and by obtaining donations from members of the community and businesses. The Council agreed to match the funds and to assist with some of the design work.

Again, the separation of use of the park by dog-walkers and by children was considered essential, and to this end a
new fence was erected enclosing a large portion of the park.

Cotham Gardens
was a Victorian park and, as such, demanded a different treatment from
the more rural aesthetic at Redland Green. There was a railing originally enclosing the park
and the new railing was designed to refer back to this.

The Victorian Cotham Gardens

Inside the fenced area it was important to create an area that members of the public other than those with children should feel relaxed about using. The new seating area, encircling the stone ‘human’ sundial and topograph showing the distance from Bristol’s twin cities, provides a sunny retreat.

The location of Cotham Gardens, close to a primary and two secondary schools, led to the inclusion of play equipment catering for older children, as well as that for toddlers. The grass area is also used for football games for varying sizes and ages of teams, and picnic benches accommodate families and school groups at different times of the day.

The major success of the area also turned out to be the major failure. A basketball net was included in the design and turned out to be a victim of its own popularity. People were travelling from near and far to play even at 2.00 to 5.00 in the early morning. The people living close to the park were badly affected and it was regretfully decided to remove the net and to press the Council to provide basketball facilities in more suitable locations.

The play area was completed in April 1996 and we're now into the second phase of improvement to the Gardens.
This includes new planting in the upper end of the park outside the play area, in preparation for when the mature trees reach the end of their lives.

Three new trees in the upper park have been planted and will continue as funds become available.
In December 2002, a new oak tree was planted in the upper park to commemorate the centenary
of the 'Coronation Oak'. Pupils from Colstons School assisted in the ceremony.

As well as new works in the park we continue, as at Redland Green, to monitor maintenance standards.
The park is regularly checked and the Community Park Manager is notified of deficiencies in the maintenance schedule or vandalism of equipment.

Whom to contact...

Whom to contact...

If you wish to contact the parks department about maintenance issues ,
Bristol Parks, Bristol City Council,Brunel House, St George's Road. Tel 0117 922 3719  

Or click here to send an email.

If you have other ideas for parks or want information on parks projects, contact the Area Environmental Officer via the Neighbourhood Partnership team; 
click here to send an email.

What you can do...

What you can do...

We are coordinating a Friends of Cotham Gardens group.
To join the group, help with some volunteer activities such as painting play equipment, litter picking, or helping with clearing overgrown shrubs etc and find out what is happening in Cotham Gardens, sign up to receive a Friends of Cotham Gardens news bulletin.

The Cotham Gardens Display Panel...

A helpful and instructive display panel was unveiled on 19 October 2005 at the entrance of Cotham Gardens.
Designed by Roger Mortimer
. See October 2005 Report for more details

Cotham Gardens Tree Indentification...

Click here to see the most recent update on the trees identified in the upper part of Cotham Gardens

Reports on Cotham Gardens...

Up to date reports on Cotham Gardens and Redland Green are always found in the informative
RCAS quarterly newsletter

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