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Response to Licensing Consultation

RCAS encourage members to participate in the Council’s licensing procedures,
as they do over other Bristol matters.

To take the opportunity to comment and hope that Bristol’s Local Policy will help to create an environment,
where the public can ‘enjoy a good night out’ whilst allowing others to ‘enjoy a good night at home’.

RCAS have participated in all available consultations on the Act over the last three years.
The concerns of Britain’s city dwellers over the licensing liberalisation proposed have been largely ignored
in the eventual Act, Guidance and Regulations.

We are now relying on good local decision-making, aided by this Local Policy.

Guidence on...

Response to Consultation on Draft Statement of Licensing Policy (LP)
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Complied by Redland & Cotham Amenities Society, St John’s Residents Association, Clifton & Hotwells
Improvement Society, High Kingsdown Residents Association.

Licensing and Planning – the future relationship
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Written by Roger Mortimer, RCAS - Dec 2002