Pubs, bars, restaurants and other ‘licensed’ premises have an important role in our area, visual, social and economic. They can also have adverse impact on our streets and on residents in their own homes.

RCAS therefore takes a close interest in proposals for new and altered licensed premises

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The background

Until 2004 Licensing was a matter for Local Magistrates, with more or less standard and comparatively limited opening hours. The 2004 Act changed all this by promoting the ‘continental style cafe society’ and the 24/7 economy.

RCAS was part of a national campaign which warned against the expectation that this would change the
nation’s drinking habits. The last 5 years have shown that we were right!

Representations at that stage did result in the concept of Cumulative Impact Zones – designated areas where the concentration of licensed premises made it difficult to determine where ‘public nuisance’ (drunken behaviour!) originated. Somewhat stricter rules can be applied in CIZ, and one was put in place for part of Whiteladies Rd and Cotham Hill. (See Plan) A new CIZ now covers the lower part of Zetland Road.

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The 2004 Act made the Council responsible for setting up and running our licensing regime, within Government imposed ‘guidelines’. Although far from perfect, it is now possible for residents to influence the Council’s decisions on Licensing applications.

Working with other Society’s, RCAS has reviewed nearly all Premises Licence applications in our area since 2004. We have objected to or sought amendment to some 60 applications, often because of very late hours of opening. The combination of individual objections – sometimes as many as 25 - with those of RCAS has led to considerable success particularly over the past 2 years. It is now rare for a new licence to sell alcohol after midnight in the CIZ to be granted. Drinking in outside areas is now usually restricted to 10pm where there are residents nearby.

Although most of RCAS attention has been focused on the Whiteladies Rd area we point out that there are a number of individual pubs embedded in residential areas. Immediate residents are best placed to respond in these cases.

In some parts of our area licensed premises have squeezed out other retail uses

What you can do...

RCAS is not always aware of licensing applications and the Licensing Group is no longer able to attend all the Hearings of the Licensing Committee to present objections.

The role of individual objectors is therefore critical.
RCAS can give advice on the best points to make based on knowledge of the law and attitude of Licensing Committee.

We therefore invite residents to...
  • Keep a look out for Licence Applications. Blue Notices have to be posted on the window of the premises
  • Read and write or email objections to Council Licensing Department
  • Tell RCAS Licensing Group what you are doing
  • Invite neighbours to object
  • Copy your objections to your Councillors. They are allowed to object on your behalf
  • Be prepared to attend a Hearing if possible
RCAS is not anti pub or anti fun!
But we suggest that ‘a good night out’ should not mean a bad night in for nearby residents.

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