Annual Awards

The Annual Gold Star and Green Star Awards give recognition to good developments in our area.
The Awards are presented at our Annual General Meeting, usually held in late October / early November. Here, relevant photographs are displayed together with the citations.

We are concerned only with those aspects, of a development, that enhance amenity
for the general public. Thus, the Awards may recognise good facades, walls, or gardens
but do not refer to interiors.

If there are any local developments, repairs, renovations etc., no matter how major or minor, that you think deserve a Gold Star Award, please telephone or write to
Simon Birch
 or any member of the Committee
(See Contacts page).

Likewise if you come across any particularly deplorable development in our area, please let us know; we may bring forward to the AGM, a candidate for the Wooden Spoon Award and ask for a vote there, on whether it should be ‘awarded’.

We normally make four Awards and several interested members of RCAS usually join
Committee members to participate in the selection procedure.

This "walkabout" to view all the nominations takes place in August and recommendations are taken to a vote at the September meeting of the RCAS Committee.

The Green Star Awards are for significant developments to environmental sustainability in the area. the first award was made to Sustainable Redland for their Whiteladies Road Farmers Market.

The nomination and allocation is the same as for Gold Star Awards

Previous Award Winners

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